Avengers: Infinity War

Trivia: Spoilers! Red Skull makes his long-awaited return to the MCU after his appearance in Captain America: The First Avenger. We discover that he's been guarding the soul stone as punishment, of sorts. However he's played by Ross Marquand, not Hugo Weaving.

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Trivia: Kenneth Branagh, director of the first Thor movie, has an audio cameo. He's the one voicing the distress call from the Asgardians which the Guardians of the Galaxy pick up.

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Trivia: In this film, Thanos' plan to wipe out half of all sentient life stems from his desire to bring balance to the universe. In the comics, he is motivated by his unrequited love for the physical embodiment of Death.

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Trivia: Spoiler! Whilst Groot is turning to dust after Thanos activates the complete Infinity Gauntlet, he says "I am Groot" to Rocket just before he dies. James Gunn, writer/director of the Guardians of the Galaxy movies, confirmed via Twitter that Groot was actually saying "Dad" to Rocket before dying. (02:13:45)

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Trivia: The way Spidey hits Thanos and throws the web on his face is the same way he does in The Infinity Gauntlet comic book.


Trivia: On Knowhere, Thanos is questioning The Collector, played by Benicio Del Toro, for the location of the Reality Stone. He asks him "Where is the stone?" at one point. This is a reference to a heist scene from the movie Snatch, in which Benicio Del Toro is robbing a bank and asks "Where is the stone?" with the same line intonation. (00:48:45)

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Trivia: When Tony Stark blows Ebony Maw out of an opened gap, you can hear the Wilhelm scream.

Trivia: There is a post credit scene where Nick Fury contacts Captain Marvel.


Trivia: Will be released April 27, 2018. This is almost exactly ten years after the release of "Iron Man", the first entry in the "Marvel Cinematic Universe", which was released May 2, 2008.

Trivia: The spider armour worn by Peter is very similar to the one Stark gives to Spidey in the comics "The spider bot".


Trivia: (SPOILERS) As a result of the shocking twist ending where half of the peoples of the universe disintegrate into nothing, Reddit organized a huge campaign where they would ban half the subscribers of the subreddit /r/thanosdidnothingwrong to answer the question "Who would survive if this actually happened and who wouldn't?" Directors Joe and Anthony Russo also signed up for the campaign. At the end of the campaign, over 300,000 people had their accounts banned, including Joe Russo.

Trivia: The look of Black Widow with the white hair is a reference to Yelena Belova, a spy in the comics and second modern-era character to use the name Black Widow. She first appeared in Inhumans #5 in March 1999.


Trivia: Red Skull calls Thanos "son of A'lars" aka Mentor. This character first appeared in Iron Man vol. 1 #55, and is the father of Thanos and Starfox.


Trivia: Despite its namesake, this film is based more on Marvel's "Infinity Gauntlet" storyline than it is "Infinity War." The latter storyline actually featured many of Marvel's heroes teaming up with Thanos to defeat a villain called the Magus.

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Trivia: In this and other Avenger films, Bruce Banner (Mark Ruffalo) is depicted as standing much shorter than Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr). In reality, Ruffalo is only one inch shorter than Downey (who is 5'9" tall); but Bruce Banner is always portrayed as a diminutive character in contrast to his gigantic Hulk persona.

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Trivia: The scales under Cap's suit reference the original suit in the comics.


Trivia: At the end Thanos uses his armour as a scarecrow, as in the comics.


Trivia: "Avengers: Infinity War" holds several prestigious box-office records. Among others, it has the highest ever domestic opening weekend (at $257.6 million), the highest worldwide gross for a comic-book movie (at just over $2 billion as of 6/12/18), and is the fastest movie to gross $1 billion globally, reaching the number in just 11 days of release. It is also the only film ever released during the Summer movie season to hit $2 billion globally, and one of only four movies to ever reach the $2 billion mark. (The three others were holiday releases).

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Trivia: Directors Joe and Anthony Russo like to put in nods to their previous works in their MCU films. In this movie, a man closely resembling Tobias Funke in his "Blue Man Group" makeup (from the series "Arrested Development") is briefly visible inside of one of the Collector's cages behind Gamora for a brief instant. It's hard to spot, but he's there.


Trivia: With the release of this film, Robert Downey Jr., who played Sherlock Holmes in a 2009 feature film and its 2011 sequel, has worked with two Watsons and a fellow Holmes in the MCU. His "Iron Man 3" co-star Ben Kingsley portrayed Watson in the comedy film "Without a Clue." His "Captain America: Civil War" co-star Martin Freeman portrays Watson alongside Benedict Cumberbatch's Holmes in the BBC series "Sherlock." And Downey stars alongside Cumberbatch in this film.


Continuity mistake: On the spaceship, Peter is talking to Tony, and has his hair swept back with gel or similar. When he says "You can't be a friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man if there's no neighbourhood", we cut to Tony then back, and Peter now has a fringe with no gel. In later shots it's back how it was before.

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Peter Quill: Dude, don't call us plucky. We don't know what it means. We're more optimistic, yes. I like your plan. Except, it sucks. So let me do the plan and that way it might be really good.
Drax: Tell him about the dance-off to save the Universe.
Tony Stark: What dance-off?
Peter Quill: It's not a thing.
Peter Parker: Like in Footloose, the movie?
Peter Quill: Exactly like Footloose. Is it still the greatest movie in history?
Peter Parker: It never was.
Tony Stark: Don't encourage Flash Gordon.
Peter Quill: Flash Gordon? That's a compliment. Don't forget, I'm half human. So that 50% of me that's stupid that's 100% you.

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Question: Why doesn't anyone ever destroy the stones? What purpose do they serve other than no one person should have them?


Answer: "Doctor Strange" demonstrates that the Infinity Stones are useful in the most dire of situations, when Strange used the Time Stone to prevent Dormammu from taking over the Earth. It's also possible that some of the stones are indestructible. Wanda is able to temporarily destroy the Mind Stone by using her own powers, but the Power Stone will destroy any being that doesn't possess the strength to wield it, and the Reality Stone is shown to have a will of its own and defended itself when it bonded with Jane Foster.

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Also, in the comics, if the stones are destroyed they will simply be replaced by something else or even stones again. They represent the existence of the universe and cannot be destroyed for real. Always only temporarily.

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