Smokey and the Bandit

Continuity mistake: Every time they show how fast the car is driving, there's fewer miles on the odometer...

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Continuity mistake: In the scene where Bandit and Frog are being chased down a dirt road and discover that the bridge is out, they pull a u-turn and you can see there is no back license plate on the car.

Continuity mistake: Towards the end of the film, Bandit and Frog are coming up on a convoy, which hides them. As the Bandit approches the trucks, he passes the same orange VW Beetle at least twice.

Continuity mistake: When Bandit and Frog are in the park, before he takes his hat off, Bandit is wearing some sort of belt or brace under his shirt. It does not appear in any of the previous or later scenes. (01:04:45)

Continuity mistake: While at the truck stop to refuel, the Bandit talks to Justice on the CB. During this scene, Justice is having his car worked on the front is up on a jack. When the bandit drives by them to leave, you can see Junior is wide awake (in fact, his head turns to look at the car) and then immediately in the next shot he is sleeping.

Continuity mistake: When Snowman plows into Sheriff Justice, he causes Buford's car to spin clockwise. In the very next shot, Buford is spinning counter-clockwise. If this were to happen in real time, Buford would have rolled over. (00:32:45)

Continuity mistake: As the Bandit says to Frog that "she's safer than in your mothers womb", there are no trucks behind the car. Then, a second later, he is in the convoy.

Continuity mistake: In one shot near the beginning the bandit is being chased by the first of many cops, he comes to an intersection and turns left. But if you look close you can see that he actually turns the steering wheel to the right .

Continuity mistake: After Jackie Gleason's police car goes under the trailer of the 18-wheeler and the top is ripped off, the window post behind him changes from a tall post to a short one throughout the remainder of the film.

Continuity mistake: When Sheriff Justice tries to drive off while on top of the jack (at the gas station), his car falls off the jack, as he hits the red car in front of him, in the car's rear quarter, spinning it around. In the next shot of Buford, the red car is back to its original position, with Buford's car on top of the red car's roof. (00:56:10)

Continuity mistake: The two Smokeys that join the chase with Evel Kneivel keep changing between Pontiacs and Plymouths throughout the scene. (01:21:45)

Continuity mistake: When Sally Field is driving the T/A, right after the Buford's car goes under the rig you can see that her door is locked. Right after the Bandit says, "I'm still trying to get rid of that Texas County Mounty," and the camera is on her, you can see the door lock is open. (00:46:05)

Continuity mistake: When Jerry Reed gets into the fist fight with the bikers,his false teeth disappear then reappear in his mouth when the fight is over. He had no time to remove them or put them back in.

Continuity mistake: When Frog spots the Smokey taking a 10-100, he is driving a Pontiac. The next time we see him is when he pulls off the main road, chasing the Bandit, and he is driving a Plymouth. When we see him next, he is back to a Pontiac. (00:27:35)

Continuity mistake: Junior doesn't lose his hat until after the funeral procession drives past, but there is a shot of Sheriff Justice and him driving up the road, just before they stop because of the graverobber, and in that shot Junior is holding his daddy's hat and his is gone.

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Continuity mistake: Just after Bandit picks up Frog, and the thieves arrive to strip her car, a shot of the Trans Am and the truck coming toward the camera shows Frog is not in her wedding headpiece, even though the shots before and after have her wearing it. (00:09:25)


Continuity mistake: The blue lights on Sheriff Justice's car are seen on and then off in the same scene several times throughout the movie during the action chase scenes.

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Continuity mistake: When Bandit decides to turn himself in, and Snowman objects, you can see that Jerry Reed is wearing gloves. However, when they are entering the fairgrounds, and they show the entry through the windshield from the back of the cab, the person driving the tractor is not wearing gloves.

Continuity mistake: At the roadblock set up in front of the General Store (where Bandit asks Frog if she's ready), all three police cars are Plymouths. When one backs into another, a close-up insert shot shows the ramming car is a Pontiac and the rammed car is a 1960s-era Ford sedan. The next shot has two Plymouths falling into the roadside ditch. The accident itself is also impossible because just before the impact, you see the first car stop before it gets behind the car that will ram it in the next shot, avoiding the accident all together. (00:57:00)

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Continuity mistake: When the Bandit first drives the Trans Am out of the trailer, the front license plate is easily seen, and it has a Georgia state flag on it. When Bandit wipes out the row of mailboxes along the side of the highway, the license plate is upside-down.

Continuity mistake: When the Bandit first pulls over and picks up Sally Field, then he screeches off, if you look at the road you can see all the skid marks from all of the other takes of this scene, even down to the bit where the van pulls out of the junction and the bandit does his thing and then suddenly speeds off.

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Buford T. Justice: What we're dealing with here is a complete lack of respect for the law.

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Trivia: Whenever you hear a County Mounty or Smokey without seeing him (i.e. on the radio), it is always the same person (director Hal Needham) doing the voice over.

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Question: What did the trooper mean when he said, "Didn't you know this ain't Saturday"? It always makes me wonder.

Answer: The trooper on the motorcycle had just landed in the water. In older days, the typical day to take a bath, wash hair, etc. was Saturday. The trooper in the car (once he saw the motorcycle trooper was okay and wet) just made a joke about him taking a bath.

Zwn Annwn

Answer: I think the trooper makes this joke in reference to Evel Knievel, a popular performer of the day. His shows, which prominently featured motorcycle stunts (particularly jumping) usually occurred on the weekends (i.e. Saturday).

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