Smokey and the Bandit

Other mistake: Bandit and Snowman are traveling to Texarkana, TX to pick up the beer. Texarkana is in the extreme East border of TX. When you see Sheriff Justice pull up to the guys trying to steal parts off Frog's broken down car, you see "Montague County Sheriff" on his police car door. Montague county is in Northern TX, about four hours away from Texarkana. Bandit and Snowman didn't travel that far into TX to pick up the beer, why would Sheriff Justice be so far away from his jurisdiction?

Other mistake: Just after Bandit and Snowman leave home for the trip to Texarkana they have to drive through some rain. As the Trans-Am approaches the camera there is someone in the passenger seat even though Bandit is alone in the car and they haven't picked up Frog yet.

Other mistake: When we first see a shot of Bandit's CB radio, you'll notice that it's a Pace Cb-166, and the microphone has a circular Pace logo. Later in the movie when Bandit picks up Frog, and he's holding the mic up as she's rambling to trying to get off her wedding dress, you'll see the mic has a different rectangular logo (still a Pace model mic, but different from the one initially shown. (00:18:06 - 00:25:13)

Other mistake: The stop sign at the side road that the van pulls out from is actually facing in the direction that the Bandit is coming from and not the direction the van was coming from.

Continuity mistake: Sheriff Buford T. Justice gets out of his car and leaves the door open. A few moments later, we see a different shot of the car with the door closed. Then a truck drives by and tears the car door off which is open again.

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Cledus Snow: You can't drive a fork lift.
Bandit: I can drive any forkin' thing around.

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Trivia: Three future cast members of the Dukes of Hazzard, John Schneider, Sonny Shroyer and Ben Jones have unbilled cameos. Years later, Burt Reynolds would play Boss Hogg in the Dukes of Hazzard movie.

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Question: Does anyone know if the Trans AM and the truck used in the film are still around?

The trailer on the walking dead episode is a replica it's not the original one used in the movie as the one in TWD is a standard low slung with air baffles the original one doesn't have those and is also refrigerated.

Answer: The original "Bandit" Trans am no longer exists, but one from the second movie is kept at The Performance Car Museum, Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

The original "Bandit" Trans Am still exists. Burt Reynolds owned it right up to the time of his passing. It was then auctioned at the Barrett-Jackson auction house in Florida and sold for more then half a million dollars. That Trans AM is now in the hands of a private collector and no doubt very well cared for.

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