Underworld: Blood Wars

Trivia: "Blood Wars" has been confirmed to be the final "Underworld" to star Kate Beckinsale, and possibly the final film in the series. It was originally intended for there to be one final entry in the series featuring Beckinsale's trademark character Selene to finish off her storyline, but Beckinsale stated in late 2018 that she felt she had done "enough" films in the series and wasn't interested in reprising her role for a sixth film. After the film under-performed at the box office, there has also been no news on any future films, with series co-creator Len Wiseman instead expressing interest in rebooting the franchise as a television series.


Trivia: The only entry in the series to not by co-written by either of the series co-creators Len Wiseman or Danny McBride. McBride (not to be confused with the actor of the same name) co-wrote the first three films, while Wiseman co-wrote the first four films.


Trivia: Early in the film, Thomas and Semira wander by a painting that the camera lingers on while walking down a hallway. The painting is of Vlad the Third or "Vlad the Impaler," a historical figure who was the basis for the character Count Dracula.


Trivia: Marked the first time an "Underworld" and "Resident Evil" film were released in the same month, when it was released only weeks apart from "Resident Evil: The Final Chapter." Both franchises are produced by Sony, and share many odd coincidental thematic connections. (Including a super-powered female protagonist, a tragic romance, supernatural elements involving the undead, etc).


Continuity mistake: This film portrays vampires burning up instantly upon being touched by sunlight. Prior films showed the process as being less instantaneous, and potentially even survivable as long as they get out of the sunlight quickly enough.


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Semira: Don't think, Varga. You'll hurt yourself.

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Question: Do we know that Michael is dead for sure? It seems way too abrupt, against character and anti-climactic for him to have died in the manner alluded to in the film. Or should we assume that not seeing his corpse or hearing 100% confirmation of his death means he might still be alive?


Chosen answer: Selena herself said, that Michael was dead. The actor who played him really didn't want to return to the role.

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