Underworld: Blood Wars
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Selene: I have lived for a thousand years, and I may live a thousand more, or I may die tomorrow. But I no longer fear death, for I have known it once already.

Selene: There is no beginning, there is no end. There is only becoming.

Semira: Don't think, Varga. You'll hurt yourself.

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Continuity mistake: Selene normally wears high heel boots. They briefly turn into flats during her caged fight with Varga, right before he betrays her. (00:26:40)


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Trivia: Early in the film, Thomas and Semira wander by a painting that the camera lingers on while walking down a hallway. The painting is of Vlad the Third or "Vlad the Impaler," a historical figure who was the basis for the character Count Dracula.


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Question: Do we know that Michael is dead for sure? It seems way too abrupt, against character and anti-climactic for him to have died in the manner alluded to in the film. Or should we assume that not seeing his corpse or hearing 100% confirmation of his death means he might still be alive?


Chosen answer: Selena herself said, that Michael was dead. The actor who played him really didn't want to return to the role.

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