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Corrected entry: If you listen closely, in the casino Chris Tucker starts ranting about all the black bands they could have, instead of the Pips, he says Gladys Knight and the PIMPS.

Correction: To quote the contribute page, "Stupidity isn't a movie mistake. Characters are entitled to make daft comments, factual mistakes, etc."

Corrected entry: When Isabella is telling Lee & Carter about the counterfeit money, she says 14 out of 15 banks can't tell the difference. Shortly after, she also says that there is only one way to spot a fake, which is by burning it. Does this mean the 15th bank simply burns all their money?

Correction: What Isabella said doesn't necesarily mean that the 15th bank burns all their money. The bank just know that it's POSSIBLE to tell the difference between the counterfeits and the real ones. If there are suspicions that the money's counterfeit, only the 15th bank knows how to easily test it. The other 14 banks wouldn't even know a method to find out if money's fake. That's what Isabella meant.

Corrected entry: At the very last scene when Carter and Lee are talking in the airport, you can see people looking directly at the camera and the actors in the background. One woman even looks at them then looks away as not to be noticed by the camera.

Correction: In the movie world, there is no camera. They are in a public place, i.e. the airport, a very busy public place. People in public places are allowed to look around, stare at certain objects and even look a other people around them. By looking in the direction of the camera, it could simply be that they are looking at "something" in that direction.


Corrected entry: At the karaoke pub when Carter tries to order the people around in Cantonese and Lee translates to Carter what he has just said, the translation is utter nonsense (Lee says Carter told them to "pick up their samurai swords and shave your butt"). Most of what Carter says cannot even be recognised as Cantonese, except for the last few words, which mean "go home and sleep".

Correction: Considering Lee's behaviour it's very obvious that he's only making fun of Carter. Lee knows very well what Carter is saying - respectively what he is not saying.

Corrected entry: When Carter arrives at Ricky Tan's boat for the party, he gets out of the taxi and tells him to wait. Next shot we suddenly see Carter on board. How did he get past the extensive security we saw when his car pulled up? There's no way they would have just let him walk on.

Correction: There is a humurous deleted scene where Carter pretends to be a member of the Band playing and he is needed on-stage.


Corrected entry: When Carter and Lee are on the semi, there's enough light in there that they can see each other. Where does that light come from?

Correction: In the scene where Chris and Jackie are trapped in the tractor-trailer, the light comes from the roof of the trailer. In regular trailers, like Jackie and Chris were in, there is not a solid roof, but a white coloured canvas-like fabric that allows light to filter through when people are unloading the trailers. Therefore, Jackie and Chris could be able to see each other perfectly.

Corrected entry: Chris Tucker goes to Heaven on Earth massage parlour in Hong Kong. He realises later that he left his passport there. On his way to go retrieve it, he gets distracted when he sees Ricky Tan and never makes it to the massage parlour to retrieve the passport. Yet, later on in the movie, he goes back to LA without a passport.

Correction: Jackie Chan drives Chris Tucker to the airport in his car, which was also left at the massage parlor. He might have recovered the passport together with his car.

Corrected entry: We see Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker in Jackie's Car which has a Mitsubishi sticker in the back of the car.When we see Jackie again in his car later in the movie when he thinks Chris Tucker is dead the sticker is gone.

Correction: You see the Mitsubishi sticker in the beginning when they are singing to the Beach Boys. Then later on when they are driving to the massage parlor you see just the bottom of the sticker. But when Lee is listening to the P. Diddy song the camera is pretty close to his face and you dont see much of the back window. So, the Mitsubishi sticker is just out of the cameras view and is not missing.

Corrected entry: When Lee kicks Ricky Tan out of the window he lands on the car, causing the alarm to go off and everyone to get all excited and upset. When the heroes come down to the road, two minutes later, the alarm has stopped and there is no sign of any disturbance.

Correction: There are a lot of police cars, but you don't see the taxi. Many alarms stop after a short time.


Corrected entry: Ricky Tan bought the plates for making 100 dollar bills on the black market. The plates, the only ones ever to leave the U.S., were supposedly given to the Shah of Iran in 1959. However the bills produced from these plates were the new look, modern "Benjamins" that have just been produced over the past couple of years.

Correction: The machine was given to the Shah, the plates was bought in Switzerland the year before. The SS woman is very clear on that point.

Corrected entry: When they set up the girl who kept kicking Carter in the face to "shoot" Ricky Tan, he falls in the water, behind the boat. Although it was a set up, the propellers would have sucked him up and finished him off. There's no way he could have survived. He didn't fall that far into the water, either. (00:33:25 - 01:06:20)

Correction: This stunt was done several times on a real boat that was really moving, so it obviously is possible.

Correction: A propeller works by pulling a fluid from the side, and it is angled to push it in a direction that creates thrust. Now, I may be wrong, but if he falls behind the boat, the propellers would be pushing him away from the boat, instead of sucking him up.

Corrected entry: There's a timeline issue here. Rush Hour 1 is set a couple of months after the end of British rule in Hong Kong i.e. around summer time 1997. This film picks up where the original left off with Lee and Carter having a 'vacation' in Hong Kong. Which means some of the mobile phones and cars/ fashions are four years too early for 1997. Carter says something about getting a new laptop for Ricky Tan with a DVD player. In 1997 he wouldn't have known what a DVD was. (00:18:00)

Correction: It is never specified what year the film takes place in. It very well could take place nowadays. Well this would leave a few holes open (such as why doesn't Chris Tucker know more about China) ,these could be answered. Maybe their first trip (At the end of the original film) went well and they didn't go to a million different places like this movie, making more "fish-out-of-water" sequences for Chris Tucker...

Then what about their phones?

Corrected entry: Towards the end when Hu Li puts the grenade in Lee's mouth and the man tapes his head up with the box tape he wraps it all the way around his head many times, despite the fact that his head is against a couple of the iron bars behind him and the man's arm that is around his neck is holding him still.

Correction: You don't see the guy wrap the tape around the head. But you only see that he puts tape around his mouth. It is first when they are walking over to Ricky Tan that you see the tape around his head.


But he moves his arms/hands in a way to suggest that it's going around Lee's head, meaning a circular motion. Again, how can he do that when Lee isn't leaning forward and never does in the scene?

Visible crew/equipment: When Carter is fighting Zhang Ziyi, she thrusts a sword into his coat. For a split second, there is a shot where a man is crouched down behind the statue on which Carter is against, looking up at Carter and Zhang Ziyi. (01:13:45)

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Carter: How come there ain't no black people singin' in this hotel?
Casino attendant: We've got Lionel Ritchie performing tonight!
Carter: Lionel Ritchie ain't been black since the Commodores, man!

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Trivia: Notice in the scene where Carter and Zhang Ziyi are fighting. Zhang tries to stab Carter, but he blocks it with a roulette wheel. She stabs the Green 00. Lucky, eh?

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Answer: "Give me money or I won't drive. Pay me, pay me, pay me" and "now you're speaking my language."

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