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Continuity mistake: When the young Chinese girl is kidnapped, while in the car, her tie is on. When she tries to fight the guy her tie is off in one shot, then back on again a few seconds later. There is also no blood after the first shot, but when the shooter opens the back door, there is blood on Soo Yung's face, but mid fight, the blood is missing, and again blood is present when she runs out. (00:10:40)

Continuity mistake: When Chris Tucker is calling his policewoman friend, the phone rings at her house, she picks up the phone and presses the on button, but the phone makes a sound that means it didn't turn on, however she keeps talking like it turned on.

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Visible crew/equipment: As Jackie Chan begins to fall from the ceiling onto the banner after the climax you can see about 4 (maybe 5) crew members on the balcony to the right of the screen getting the high angle shot. (01:28:35)

Continuity mistake: When Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker first arrive at the museum/fundraiser, Jackie Chan's hair is the same as it was throughout the movie - longish in the back and moussed/gelled back. As the scenes at the museum progress into the showdown with Jun Tao, all of a sudden, Jackie Chan's hair is a lot shorter.

Continuity mistake: In the scene were Sang is running away from Jackie Chan after the building, you can clearly see that he doesn't have the scar he got from the little girl in the beginning of the movie.

Plot hole: The kidnappers initially ask for a ransom of $50 million. $20 million in $20s, $20 million in $50s, and $10 million in $10s. This translates to a grand total of 2.4 million bills (pieces of paper, that is) Every bill of American currency is 2.61 inches wide, 6.14 inches long, and .0043 inches thick. This makes roughly 2,791 bills to form a 1 foot tall stack. This means that the 2.4 million bills would take up a space of 96 cubic feet (assuming they are packed as tightly as possible). Also, since 490 bills make 1 pound, the 2.4 million bills would weigh (interestingly enough) just over 2.4 tons. No way they can move it.

Continuity mistake: At the beginning of the film in the scene where Chris Tucker is shooting at the Jaguar with C4 in the trunk. Different screen shots have the driver's window up and then down to hide the stunt driver or make the actor visible, whichever is necessary at the time.

Continuity mistake: During the fight scene at the Foo Chow restaurant, Tucker and Chan join hands while beating up the bad guys. They stop for a moment to look at their handiwork and their hands are still joined, then the camera cuts to a different angle and their hands are nowhere near each other.

Factual error: When Carter is meeting with Clive in a diner car park, as Clive is escaping in a car with a trunk full of C4, Carter starts shooting at the car. It eventually blows up leaving Clive badly injured. The explosion is caused by Carter's bullets reacting with the C4. However, C4 is inert and if a bullet hit it, it wouldn't create an explosion. You could also argue that this explosion was caused by Carter shooting Clive's gas tank, but this is another myth created by Hollywood to please audiences.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Carter shot Sang and then said, "Wipe ya'self off man, you dead..", Sang blinked his left eye. If they're dead, aren't they NOT supposed to move? (01:22:15)

Continuity mistake: Just before Jackie Chan falls at the end of the movie you can see that there are a number of bank notes on the banner. Subsequent shots of him falling and being caught on the banner by Chris Tucker show there to be no bank notes on the banner at all.

Visible crew/equipment: When Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan are on top of the sight seeing bus, Jackie escapes by grabbing onto a street sign overhead, which is being held up by straps that supposedly ascend higher. In the next shot the crane that is holding the sign up can be seen in the background.

Character mistake: After the first attempt by the kidnappers to get the ransom money, they tell the FBI to bring the money behind the Foo Chow restaurant. Clive gives Carter and Lee the exact same destination. Why in the world would kidnappers give the FBI a drop-off location exactly where they are based?

Other mistake: Phillip Baker Hall sends Chris Tucker to meet with the FBI immediately after he tells the agent on the phone that he will be sending someone over to them right away. Chris is told by the FBI guy that Jackie Chan's plane arrives in one hour. After Chris picks up Jackie from the airport, he calls his boss to vent his concern. This is supposedly the same day, but both Phillip and Elizabeth Pena are wearing different outfits.

Continuity mistake: When Thomas (aka Juntao) and Lee are fighting in the ceiling beams near the end of the movie, Thomas's briefcase flies open when he is trying to get Lee to let go. You see a lot of money explode out of the briefcase, and the briefcase falls to the ground. When the shot changes to a semi-bird's-eye view of the floor, the money appears to be all on the floor already. However, when the shot changes back, you see bills flitting about behind Thomas. This happens several times.

Continuity mistake: While entering a front door, the view of the Corvette is in the background of the opening. It shows the car with wire wheels. Later in the movie, this same car, which Chris Tucker is driving all over town has mag wheels on it.

Continuity mistake: After Carter and Lee enter Azteca Pool Billiards near the beginning, Carter busts the old man for having "cigga-weed". Watch the joint in Carter's hand as he gives the old man a hard time, it changes shape and becomes longer between shots.


Visible crew/equipment: As Chris Tucker rescues the little girl from the van, you can see a bearded guy in a white baseball hat, presumably a crew member, standing a couple feet away, reflecting off the back windows of the van when he opens the door and right after Chris Tucker says the line; "Tell your friends about me." (01:18:10)

Other mistake: When the money is falling near the end you see Chris Tucker putting money in his shirt and in the next shot there is no money in his shirt. It's like the money was never in his shirt.

Continuity mistake: When Lee escapes Carter on the tour bus, he gets in a crown Victoria taxi cab. When Carter is chasing him it changes to a Chevy Caprice taxi cab, and changes back when Carter stops it.

Lee: I like to let people talk who like to talk. It lets me find out how full of shit they are.
Carter: What the hell did you just say?

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Trivia: Towards the end, where Soo Yun is reunited with her father outside of the museum, there is a news van in the background. The call letters on the van start with W, which is typically reserved for television and radio stations in the eastern U.S. with few exceptions. In the western U.S. of course, the calls typically start with a K. There is no "W" station currently broadcasting in Los Angeles.

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Question: What does the waitress say after Lee realises that the waitress is wearing Soo Yung's necklace?

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