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Corrected entry: In the bar scene where Jackie's fighting, at first glance, it looks as if a man is trying to crush Jackie's fist. Jackie has a look of pain and ends up smashing the guy's wrist with something to escape. But if you closely, it's actually Jackie that's crushing the guy's hand.

Correction: I just checked it, their fingers are interlocked. Both have opportunity in this configuration, but the other guy is much bigger and stronger than Inspector Lee and can exert more force, crushing Lee's fingers.

Corrected entry: In the scenes right after Carter picks Lee up from the airport when Lee is trying to escape from Carter, the two men travel a meandering path covering several city blocks. At the end of their chase, they just "happen" to end up right back at their car. What are the odds of that?

Correction: No, they end up being held up by a taxi driver. The scene then cuts to them arriving back at their car. The viewer is meant to infer that they walked back but it wasn't shown. Besides, they didn't travel several city blocks. They only went round a corner and down a street.

Corrected entry: Jackie Chan arrives in the private jet and walks down the jet stairs with just the flight attendant. There's a quick cut of Chris Tucker introducing himself. When it cuts back to Chan, the pilot has instantaneously appeared standing behind him.

Correction: Actually we do see the pilot walk down the steps. He walks down the steps behind the flight attendant who follows Inspector Lee so he is supposed to be there.

Corrected entry: In the C4/car trunk scene, Chris Penn takes Chris Tucker hostage holding a semi-automatic handgun. After Tucker knocks him down, Penn fires at the two police officers with a revolver, which he carries for the rest of the scene. (00:07:10)

Correction: When Tucker knocks Penn down the semi-automatic falls from his hand. Both hands can be seen empty while he is on the ground. The revolver comes from inside his coat.

Corrected entry: After Carter and Lee enter Azteca Pool Billiards near the beginning, Carter busts the old man for having "cigga-weed". Why on earth does he put the still burning joint in his jacket pocket?

Timothy Conard

Correction: He's probably saving it for himself since he smokes weed. This is shown when he tries to visit Clyde in prison and is talking to the guard.

Corrected entry: This regards the car that loses its steering wheel when Lee gets handcuffed to it. The car is in use by Carter very soon after Lee breaks the wheel - much too soon for Carter to have time to get the wheel replaced.

Correction: Who said lee broke the steering wheel? He probably just undid the screws or bolts holding it on.

Corrected entry: When Lee & Carter are outside the chinese restaurant eating chinese food, Carter is blatantly eating thin air out of an empty food container.

Correction: Carter doesn't eat anything while he's talking, but there's food in the container - you can see that he holds a piece of meat with the chopsticks.


Corrected entry: When the police chief is talking to Chris Tucker, he says the Chinese consul's daughter is ten years old. But when Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan are talking to Clive, Jackie says the Chinese Consul's daughter is "only eleven years old".

Correction: There actually is a difference in how Chinese and Americans determine age of a person. In China/Hong Kong, a child is considered 1 year of age starting at birth (ie. - being in the first year of life), while an American child would be 1 year at a year after birth. This difference in age measurement between the two cultures accounts for the two different ages given.

Corrected entry: At the part where Soo Yung and the 2 Asian guys are in traffic, then diverted down the side street, you can see plenty of people walking the streets right before and when they are stopped. Then Sang shoots and kills the two guys and fights with Soo Yung. It's "rush hour" in Los Angeles in a busy section, why does no one witness this? (00:11:00)

Timothy Conard

Correction: It's downtown in L.A. Pretty much self explanatory. An area with a large crime rate and notorious for criminal retaliation against snitches and witnesses. It was noticed, but shrugged off.

Quantom X Premium member

Corrected entry: Lee sees Jun Tao at the beginning of the movie during the little meeting in which Han introduces Lee. At the end of the movie Jackie Chan yells "Jun Tao" and points at the same British guy he saw in the meeting, how did he know between the beginning and the end that he was Jun Tao? Sorry to ruin the entire movie but if he knew he was Jun Tao why didn't he arrest him at the beginning?

Correction: Jun Tao is the reference to this particular criminal organization. Inspector Lee also refers to Sang as Jun Tao at some points of the film. Lee realizes that Thomas is the head of Jun Tao after Carter clears out the Chinese heritage show and Thomas and Sang start to talk near the bar. That's when he starts walking toward them shouting "juntao. juntao.", then Sang pulls out the uzi and Thomas pulls out the bomb's remote control and says he's holding the daughter hostage.

Timothy Conard

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Visible crew/equipment: As Jackie Chan begins to fall from the ceiling onto the banner after the climax you can see about 4 (maybe 5) crew members on the balcony to the right of the screen getting the high angle shot. (01:28:35)

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Driver: Is there a problem, officer?
Sang: No problem. Just rush hour.

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Trivia: Towards the end, where Soo Yun is reunited with her father outside of the museum, there is a news van in the background. The call letters on the van start with W, which is typically reserved for television and radio stations in the eastern U.S. with few exceptions. In the western U.S. of course, the calls typically start with a K. There is no "W" station currently broadcasting in Los Angeles.

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Question: What does the waitress say after Lee realises that the waitress is wearing Soo Yung's necklace?

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