Rush Hour

Rush Hour (1998)

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Continuity mistake: In the big fight seen in the museum Jackie is holding up a large vase while 2 bad guys are punching him. Jackie sees one of those pole things that hold the velvet ropes and wraps his leg around it. When he does you can clearly see that the the pole is right side up, then when he kicks his leg up to hit the bad guy in the face is it upside down. (01:19:15)

Other mistake: At the end where there is the big shootout, Mr. Lee climbs up the building on the inside and at the bottom one of the good guys gets shot. He falls to the ground and after about 2 seconds lying there dead he moves his arm.

Continuity mistake: Jackie is handcuffed to the steering wheel with handcuffs made by Smith and Wesson. In the next scene he wears handcuffs made by Peerless.

Visible crew/equipment: After Han's daughter has been kidnapped, and he is back at home speaking to the FBI, immediately after the agent says "I know this is a difficult time for you but we're going to get your daughter back" you can see a boom microphone above their heads. (00:12:39)

Jack Vaughan

Continuity mistake: When Carter tries to shoot Sang's getaway car after he and Lee fall through the roof, one can notice they used three different takes for the shooting scene (look at Lee during the three 'takes'). (00:46:08)


Continuity mistake: When Lee and Carter are chasing Sang onto the broken bridge in the run down building, Sang trips and drops the detonator, which then falls towards the edge of the bridge. When Lee falls in the same place a few seconds later, he picks up the detonator which is now in the middle of the bridge. (00:45:40)

Continuity mistake: At one point when Lee and Carter are dancing, Carter's hands are both up. Shot changes and his left hand is now down- there wasn't any time for him to move it.

Driver: Is there a problem, officer?
Sang: No problem. Just rush hour.

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Question: What does the waitress say after Lee realises that the waitress is wearing Soo Yung's necklace?

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