Robin Hood

Plot hole: After Little John bores a hole in the bottom of the treasure box, several gold coins fall through the hole. The four rhinos holding the box should have noticed it becoming lighter.

Continuity mistake: In the opening sequence when the Sheriff's posse are chasing Robin and LJ through the woods, pay close attention to the posse [weasels, I think?]. When they first pop up behind the bushes, there are five of them. Later, when they're clustered under the tree that RH and LJ are hiding in, there are six of them. Finally, when they exit stage left over the log-bridge, seven creatures are seen.

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Continuity mistake: During the battle part of the archery tournament (around the part when the Rhinos, Lady Cluck and Little John are in the tent), Little John looses the lighter colour in the front of his snout, making his whole face the same shade of brown (precisely at 46min29sec). His face then goes back to normal (darker near the eyes, lighter at the snout)half a second later.


Continuity mistake: In the beginning when Robin Hood and Little John are swinging up into the tree, note Robin is wearing a green hat, not the yellow one he wore previously or after. (00:04:25)

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Robin and Little John are disguised as fortune tellers, Little John "kisses" the three stones out of the rings on Prince John's left hand. In the rest of the scene that left hand changes backwards and forwards between shots with having no rings at all to having rings with only the claws. (This is not the same hand Robin Hood takes the ring from).

Continuity mistake: After Robin and Little John kiss Prince John's hands and steal the jewels, Robin pretends to tell the Prince's fortune. Little John produces a ball full of fireflies and the prince tries to touch it, but Robin hits his hand away. The prince looks at it in shock - but surely he would have noticed the jewel missing from his ring.


Continuity mistake: At the beginning of the movie, when we see Prince John marching from a significant distance, there are 18 rhino guards walking in front of the two elephants who are dragging Prince John's wagon. In the next shot when the camera is closer to the march, there are only 12.


Continuity mistake: In the scene where Robin Hood is talking to Little John and Friar Tuck about entering the archery tournament, Robin Hood jumps up on a wooden platform and is wearing a quiver with two arrows on his back. The quiver vanishes in his next shot where he fires an arrow at a pan hanging from a tree.

Hiss: A perfect fit, Sire! Looks most becoming! You look regal, dignified, sincere, masterful, noble.
Prince John: Don't overdo it, Hiss.

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Trivia: When Robin Hood and all of the villagers are having the party and singing and dancing, look closely at the dance, it's from Snow White. Some of the villagers are the dwarfs and Maid Marion is Snow White. Also, when Little John is dancing it's from The Jungle Book.

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Question: Why doesn't Prince John like having his hand shaken?

Answer: Robin Hood, while disguised as a stork, wouldn't stop shaking Prince John's hand and it was starting to annoy him. Prince John was also robbed by Robin Hood earlier in the movie so he wanted to make sure that the jewels in his rings weren't stolen again.

Answer: Being the prince, he would consider everyone else beneath him and unworthy of touching him.

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