Oscar Bravo

14th Jul 2009

Stone of Destiny (2008)

Revealing mistake: The raid took place at Xmas in 1951. In homage to this fact, the characters wear big coats and one of them even rubs his hands together and goes "Brrr." Yet the movie was filmed in the height of summer. Trees in the background of scenes in London are full of leaves, we never see any mist in exhaled breath and the lighting levels and shadows indicate a high, bright sun.

Oscar Bravo

4th Nov 2004

Robin Hood (1973)

Continuity mistake: In the opening sequence when the Sheriff's posse are chasing Robin and LJ through the woods, pay close attention to the posse [weasels, I think?]. When they first pop up behind the bushes, there are five of them. Later, when they're clustered under the tree that RH and LJ are hiding in, there are six of them. Finally, when they exit stage left over the log-bridge, seven creatures are seen.

Oscar Bravo

11th Aug 2004

Cold Mountain (2003)

Revealing mistake: When the musicians are hiding out on the mountain, "Georgia" finds a frozen deer which he proudly displays to the rest of the gang. The beast is frozen stiff which is why it doesn't flop around but it also seems suspiciously light too. I reckon an animal of the size depicted would weigh around 30 kg - no way he could've held it out in his arms like he does.

Oscar Bravo

Question: The phantoms can kill with the merest touch and can reach through any material - floors, walls, aircraft fuselage etc. Why then do the soldiers bother to don heavy, clunky body armour whenever they go out to battle? They'd do just as well in T-shirts and fatigues.

Oscar Bravo

Chosen answer: The environment has become too hazardous for humans to tolerate.

Paul Plesser

12th Jan 2004

Ice Cold In Alex (1958)

Factual error: When Hauptmann Lutz ditches the radio in the quicksand, it promptly sinks. This is at least debatable, since a radio of that era would've contained a substantial amount of buoyant wood. However, when Sgt. Pugh later throws his incriminating shirt into the quicksand, it is pulled down by a mysterious force. It certainly isn't Archimedes' Principle and looks more like a hidden string to the bottom of the tank on the sound stage.

Oscar Bravo

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