Cold Mountain

Revealing mistake: Near the end of the movie, after Jude Law has been shot, he is lying on his back with Nicole Kidman leaning over his face. In the shot looking up at Kidman past Law's left ear, you can see the webbing for Law's wig on his left temple.

Revealing mistake: Ada's nails look perfectly manicured, even when she is in the snow and Inman is dying.

Revealing mistake: When the musicians are hiding out on the mountain, "Georgia" finds a frozen deer which he proudly displays to the rest of the gang. The beast is frozen stiff which is why it doesn't flop around but it also seems suspiciously light too. I reckon an animal of the size depicted would weigh around 30 kg - no way he could've held it out in his arms like he does.

Oscar Bravo

Revealing mistake: When Inman is staying in Sara's corn crib, the "corn" cobs are plastic.

Revealing mistake: When Inman is escaping the hospital to start his walk back to Ada, he is in bed. It is supposed to look like he throws the blanket off himself, but it is obvious that there are 2 strings pulling the blanket off him.

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