Cold Mountain

Continuity mistake: Inman is watching Ada through her window while there is a party going on. When there is a shot of Inman's face, you can see a reflection in the window of Ada putting her hand on her father's shoulder. Then it cuts to Ada's father who is standing alone.

Continuity mistake: In the scene after the battle at Petersburg, Inman is guiding his wounded young friend out of the crater back to their camp. Next to the road to the camp you see several big piles of dead Union soldiers, probably to show how bad the battle turned out for them. But wouldn't it be logical if the Confederate soldiers first saved their own wounded soldiers, and only then arranged the bodies of their dead enemies? Inman was very concerned about his young friend and was still in good state after the battle, surely he would have gotten him out a lot earlier after the battle.

Continuity mistake: When Inman says I'll marry you 3 times, Ada's hair around his ear keeps switching between shots from messy to neat behind his ear.

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Continuity mistake: We see Oakley on a stretcher after the battle in the crater and he is talking to Inman, and then we see him in a tent (before he dies) asking Mr. Thewes to play him "something sweet". In these two scenes, the blood and mud on Oakley changes entirely. There is no reason it should change in such a short interval.


Continuity mistake: When Ada and her father first are seen in Cold Mountain, Ada is talking to Sally and Ada's bow that ties her bonnet differs in various shots.


Continuity mistake: When Sally and Esco Swanger lean Ada back into the well, there is a water pitcher setting on the edge of the well structure to the viewer's left. As they lift her back up, there is a different water pitcher.

Continuity mistake: When Inman first lays down next to Sara, his (right shoulder to us) is on top of Sara's (left shoulder to us), then it shows Sara take Inman's hand, and in the next shot, their shoulders are side by side.


Continuity mistake: When Sara rests her head on Inman's chest, Inman's right hand is down by his side. The angle changes and his hand is on her shoulder.


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