John Wick

John Wick (2014)

9 mistakes

Revealing mistake: When Viggo pushes the car off the edge and it hits the ground, as it rolls you can see that the engine/transmission, drive shift and tank have been removed.

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Character mistake: When he called for a dinner reservation for 12 at his home it should have been 13, as he put 13 men down.

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Continuity mistake: When John first meets Marcus in the cemetery, John's umbrella changes from a standard 8 rib when lowering the coffin, then a 22 rib close up, then back to 8 ribs in a far shot of the two men shaking hands.



Continuity mistake: When Miss Perkins "visits" John in his room at the Continental she shoots through the glass headboard to his bed. It repairs itself several times during the following fight scene.


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Suggested correction: Just watched the scene again. All the fight scenes show the shots through the bed headset. The bed head set shown not shot, is in harry's room.


Other mistake: When John is talking to the club bouncer, John says that he lost weight, to which he replies (in Russian) "Twenty kilograms." The translation says "over sixty pounds," but 20 kilograms is just over 44 pounds.

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Continuity mistake: Just when John Wick puts the bracelet on the night table next to the phone near the start of the film, the time changes all of a sudden from 8.0x to 10.0x (last digit is not visible).



Continuity mistake: John stabs a guy below the chin and we see his hand get blood on it in a closeup. Next shot he pulls the knife against another guy, and his hand and shirt sleeve are perfectly clean.


Continuity mistake: When Viggo crashes into John's Charger, it's bent out of shape pretty badly, almost to what would be halfway to the driver's seat. Yet John is fine, and in the next shot, the car is basically too.

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Continuity mistake: When John goes on the short rampage with the assault rifle we see one of the henchmen climb into an SUV and floor it. It's clear by the hubcaps and rear of the SUV that it's a Ford Expedition, but the vehicle that hits the SUV into john is a Chevy Tahoe.

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