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Corrected entry: When John takes the sledgehammer to the concrete floor, the floor wobbles with the first hit, showing it's not a real floor. (00:22:40)

A Demon Premium member

Correction: How is this a mistake? We know it's not a real floor. That's the whole point. He put a fake floor over the hidden compartment.

Jason Hoffman

It's not meant to be a fake floor - when he retired he poured concrete over the stash, presumably to dissuade him to ever come out of retirement casually due to the work involved in digging it out. If it wobbled so easily due to being fake he wouldn't have needed a sledgehammer.

It's meant to be a couple of inches of concrete. I just watched the scene again closely and it moves exactly as a couple of inches of concrete would when being hit with a sledgehammer.

Jason Hoffman

It's more than just a couple of inches of concrete and looking at the floor there is no patch (like we see in number 2 when he fills it in) Meaning the whole floor is one solid bit of concrete.

A Demon Premium member

Maybe no patch means the whole floor was poured at the same time, with a shallower area over his stash.

Phixius Premium member

Even if the concrete is shallow over his stash, the floor still wouldn't wobble as it does.

A Demon Premium member

Dissuade him to ever come out of retirement? If he really wanted that, he would have moved to some tropic paradise and left his guns, and coins behind. Instead, he kept them in his house. The concrete wasn't there to keep him from them, it was there to keep others, and fire, from getting them. The best gun vault imaginable. I do agree with you about the wobble. I saw it immediately the first time I watched the movie. It was a blooper. The entire basement floor wasn't supposed to be false, just that section of it so the rest of the floor wouldn't wobble. To prove the point, set a video camera down on your basement floor then whack a spot with a sledge 6 or 8 feet away. The camera might jiggle but the floor won't.

If you don't think there concrete would "wobble" or bounce try this. Pour some wet concrete over a wooden box so that it's 2-3 inches thick. After it dries hit it with a sledge and tell me if the concrete doesn't bounce. The actual mistake is the case in not damaged.

Corrected entry: When John is at the gas station and is being harassed about his car, one of the gangsters calls his car a 1970 Mustang Boss 429. John corrects the year as being a 1969, however the car used in the film is actually a Mustang Mach 1.

Austin Callender

Correction: This does not change the fact that his car is a 1969 model, as he states.

Corrected entry: When Miss Perkins "visits" John in his room at the Continental she shoots through the glass headboard to his bed. It repairs itself several times during the following fight scene. (00:59:00)

Correction: Just watched the scene again. All the fight scenes show the shots through the headboard. The headboard shown not shot is in Harry's room.

Corrected entry: When John Wick awakes to his alarm clock it reads 6:00. When he gets up in the same scene it says 10:04. (00:10:00)

Correction: You're describing the first morning he wakes up with the dog. There's a shot of the clock when he gets up that still reads 6:00. There's no other shot of the clock in that scene.

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