John Wick
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John Wick: People keep asking if I'm back and I haven't really had an answer, but yeah, I'm thinking I'm back.

Viggo Tarasov: John wasn't exactly the boogeyman. He's the one you sent to kill the fucking boogeyman.

Viggo Tarasov: I heard you struck my son.
Aureilo: Yes, sir, I did.
Viggo Tarasov: And may I ask why?
Aureilo: Yeah, well, because he stole John Wick's car, sir, and, uh, killed his dog.
Viggo Tarasov: Oh.

John Wick: You can either hand over your son, or you can die screaming next to him.

Viggo Tarasov: In a bar, I once saw him kill three men... With a pencil.

Viggo Tarasov: I'll say this for you, John... They sure as fuck broke the mould with you.

Viggo Tarasov: What happened, John?.. We're professionals... Civilized.
John Wick: Do I look civilized to you?

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