Rat Race

Continuity mistake: When Tracy and Nick arrive at Tracy's ex-boyfriend's house in her helicopter, Shawn's (Tracy's ex-boyfriend) mini-pool falls apart and water spills everywhere. He and the girl are both submerged in water and go flying. About 10 seconds later, he runs to his car in a collared shirt and he is completely dry.

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Continuity mistake: When Whoopi and her daughter arrive at the Silver City station, they are in a bus. The bus passes by the station, and you can see that they are fairly close to it. When they get off the bus and run towards the station, they are much farther away.

Josh Appelbaum

Continuity mistake: When Jon Lovitz's character wipes Eva Braun's lipstick off him and onto the steering wheel, it appears to be dark red. But after the crash and the formation of the "Hitler mustache", it is black.

Continuity mistake: Tracy throws a wrench and other things onto her (soon-to-be-ex-) boyfriend's truck. Several dents appear, including on the roof. She also drops a can of orange paint which spills up the windshield. However, for the remainder of the movie after this scene (as her boyfriend drives it away and later Tracy throws him out and takes it herself), there isn't a single dent left on the truck. Not just as she chases her boyfriend, but for the rest of the film.


Continuity mistake: There is a shot of Blaine as he lays on the Cadillac's roof during the balloon/cow/keymaker/car chase. This shot is specifically for when Blaine snaps the hood ornament off of the Cadillac by accident, then stares at it in his hand. In the next shot of the car, the ornament is back on, and it stays on for the remainder of the scene.


Continuity mistake: When Seth Green and his brother are chasing the keymaker, they fly over two embankments. In both shots, upon impact they break the A-pillar in the car, resulting in the nose of the car pointing upwards and the area directly under the windscreen bent down, common in a stunt like that. In the next shot of them racing along the paddock, the car is perfectly normal.

Continuity mistake: At the end when the highrollers are aboard the private jet, the outside shows a small plane, but the interior shot shows a huge plane with tonnes of overhead room.

Continuity mistake: When Tracey and Nick are at the gas station, the clouds in the background keep changing from shot to shot.

Continuity mistake: When Duane and Blaine burst into the monster truck rally, a hub-cap comes off one of the front wheels. But, for the rest of the scene, both hub-caps are still in place.


Continuity mistake: When the Italian man comes into the building to get to the locker with the money, the other man is talking on the phone. When he finishes talking, he closes the phone which means he disconnected the call. But when the Italian man falls asleep the people on the other side of the telephone can hear the snoring although the call was already disconnected.

Continuity mistake: When Donald Sinclair explains the race, he explains that they have 1 in 6 chance of winning, same as a die roll, then he rolls the die. Later in the scene, the die has vanished without anyone moving it.

Other mistake: When Rowan Atkinson is riding in the train, near the end of the film, he is looking out the window. He is looking forward, then quickly looks backwards. He does this several times in a row, as if trying to see things quickly as the train passes them. But, when the camera pulls back, Rowan's back is facing the direction the train is moving, thus he was looking the wrong way! You can tell by the way the scenery is moving as you look through the window. (01:28:05)

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Donald Sinclair: I can do anything. I'm eccentric.

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Trivia: In the very beginning of the movie, the two brothers are gambling together. They pull the lever on one of the slot machines and two cows come up. Significant because they have an encounter with cows later in the movie.

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Question: What happened with the key that the brothers were trying to copy. How did they know that the guy made a copy for himself?

Answer: They only had blanks - the non-cut keys that are used to make keys. So when they saw those, they knew that the guy had their key.


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