Rat Race

Corrected entry: When everyone is racing down the stairs to get to their cars/the airport, there is a shot from beneath glass as someone's sneaker rushes across the landing between floors. The landings were all metal platforms.


Correction: That's just a cinematography thing, to shoot the actors from below their feet. They weren't implying the floor was glass.

Brian Katcher

Corrected entry: On the Lucy bus, one Lucy throws a cigarette out of the window which then flies out in the air and then through another open window, into another Lucy's hair. However in the next shot as the Lucy's bat the Lucy whose hair is on fire with handbags, all the windows beside the on-fire Lucy are now closed, despite there being an open one seconds earlier. (00:53:55)

Hamster Premium member

Correction: Actually, the window is open the entire time. The window on the coach is a slide open window and is pushed to the side to open. In the shot of the Lucy's beginning to pat the Lucy on fire on the head their bags, the part of the window that was visible was in fact the window that had been pushed to the side and the opposing window.

Casual Person

Corrected entry: An entire herd of Holstein milkers grazing in a New Mexico pasture? I don't think so...

Correction: What is the mistake? New Mexico is the the 7th largest milk producing state (5th in 2001) and Holsteins herds have been predominate in New Mexico (and Texas).


Corrected entry: Cuba screwed up an NFL game. The season runs from August. However, in the scene with Whoopi and her mother, they are talking about Mother's Day, which is in May. And she talks about shipping meaning the product is going into the store now or very soon.

Correction: Not necessarily. Scheduling conflicts can cause major losses in business, so making sure that they're perfect long in advance is just good planning.


Corrected entry: When the brothers meet the pierced girl, their cars line up. However, in the long shot just before, we can see that it is a two lane road. For the scene to be correct, the girls would have had to be in the head-on lane when the guys pulled up. Possible, but we can see traffic passing in the opposite direction unimpeded. If they were in the other lane, there would be honking at the very least.

Correction: It is a two-lane road, but they both go in the same direction. You can see that the dotted lines are white, which means the traffic is going in the same direction on the other side. If it were yellow, it would be the opposite.


Corrected entry: Blaine and Duane pass the Barbie Museum on their way to Silver City, and Blaine identifies Randy's car. However, they never saw Randy's car and wouldn't know what it looked like.

Correction: They could have seen it when they were leaving the hotel.

Corrected entry: Surely Mr. Grisham would have known Vicky had the money? Grisham was waiting by the locker, and would have noticed anyone opening it, and leaving with a large red bag. Vicky couldn't have gotten there before Grisham, because he claimed he brought her along.

Correction: She didn't take it until after Enrico had fell asleep standing there, that was how she got the key to open it.

Corrected entry: When Enrico gets hit by Wayne in Las Vegas, Wayne tells Enrico that he is headed for El Paso and that Silver City is on the way. The only way into Silver City from Las Vegas is on Highway 180. It would make more sense for Wayne to take the Interstate to El Paso [less changing of roads] rather than make many changes on smaller highways to drop Enrico off in Silver City - especially with his precious cargo [the heart] being transported and time being a factor.

Correction: There are many reasons why Wayne didnt take the main highway but the most logical is that he simply didn't know about that route. When he picks Enrico up we only know he is delivering a heart and might not be aware of the other routes except the one he is given or that he knows of.

Lummie Premium member

Corrected entry: When Nick used the slot machine at the beginning, he received TWO of the gold coins. Neville Sinclaire said later that he picked seven people for the race (and ultimately, there would be five others joining them all, including the Pear family, Vera's daughter Merrill, the other Cody brother, and Tracy), but this means there were only seven coins placed in seven slot machines. So why was there an extra coin?


Correction: He only received one gold coin, the other coin that came out was a quarter.


Corrected entry: In the barf scene at the end on the private jet, Mr. Konichi barfs first. However, the bag is about an inch away from his mouth and he vomits nothing.

Correction: When he first picks up the bag he holds it about an inch away and gags. He then moves the bag to where it covers his mouth and makes more gagging sounds, there is no way to tell whether he is really throwing up or not, one can only assume he is.


Corrected entry: In the scene when Owen Templton is at the bar and the news reader is telling us about the game, you see the picture of Owen's face with 'loser' stamped across his face is to the right of the news reader, but in the next shot it has moved to the left of the news reader. (00:05:20)

Correction: I noticed this, but I watched it again and there are two different newsreaders, side by side, with Cuba Gooding Jr.'s picture in between them.

Corrected entry: The rocket car technicians get excited when the rocket car breaks the old speed record, the problem is, you need two consecutive passes within an hour with an average speed to set a record. They would not be excited about how fast the car went, they would be concerned about getting the multi-million dollar vehicle back.

Sol Parker

Correction: They are excited because the car has just shown it is capable of beating the record, even if it would not officially stand. They would probably be concerned after their excitement dies down.

J I Cohen

Corrected entry: In the helicopter, Tracy, the pilot, is sitting in the left-hand seat while Nick Shaffer sits in the right-hand seat. This is correct for an airplane but wrong for a helicopter when the pilot sits in the right-hand seat.


Correction: Not true, I know of several pilots who normally sit in the left hand seat, it shouldn't matter either way, there are controls on both sides in most choppers.

Sol Parker

Corrected entry: Jon Lovitz and his family were going to the Barbie museum (mostly to pacify the daughter, as it was pretty out-of-the-way), and had to take a detour. The two brothers Blaine and Duane happened to pass the Lovitz family van outside the Barbie museum and hence sabotaged it, but wait - why were the brothers going down that direction anyway? Even if they were heading on the same route to get to Silver City, why would they also take the same detour?


Correction: The Barbie museum was not out of the way, the restaurant with the bathroom was, Lovitz didn't want to stop at the restaurant to let his daughter use the restroom because it was three miles off the main road.

Sol Parker

Corrected entry: At the beginning of the film John Cleese has no way of knowing that the planes are going to go down, so how does he manage to get his assistant to the train station before the contestants arrive at the end? Even the fastest helicopter would not have been able to cover the 560 miles in the 10-20 minutes Grisham did it in. A fighter jet couldn't do it. We know it is a very short length of time because a) we can see the radar blips on the screen are very close to the target when Grisham is sent and b) Enrico's train just announced that the next stop was Silver City (even accounting for longer distances between stations, it appears to be relatively short).

Correction: After the radar is back up, Cleese's character tells Grisham to take his other private jet. The contestants were 50 miles away when the order was given.

Sol Parker

Corrected entry: Before Cuba Gooding Jr. gets chased by the Lucy look alikes he takes off his outer clothing. If he is running around in his undershirt and boxers where is he keeping the key? I never saw the key in his hand either. (01:22:50)

Correction: When he gets chased away he is still wearing his shoes and socks as well, he might have stashed it in there. The key and its chain weren't that big, so it would presumably fit in his shoes.

Corrected entry: In a scene where the character played by Seth Green is being pulled up the side of a radio tower while in a truck, a monofilament safety line attached to Seth (or possibly the truck) is visible, being pulled to the right side of the screen.

Correction: This is not true, because the line that you can see is the antenna from the car.

Corrected entry: When the police cars petrol is drained and the car begins to stop the siren slows and shuts off. This shouldn't happen as the siren is powered by the cars battery.

Correction: While it is unlikely, it is not impossible that some of the electrical would shut off if the engine were off. However, in this case, the scene is correct in that almost every emergency vehicle in the US turns off the siren when the vehicle is taken out of gear into PARK, or the engine is turned off. With the vehicle not in motion, the siren is no longer necessary.

Corrected entry: In the scene towards the beginning of the film when Cuba Gooding's character pulls on the slot machine handle to win the token which enters him the rat race, you can hear the machine's little "winning chime" before the slot wheels stop spinning. (00:13:15)

Correction: It could be one of the other machines. It is a casino.

Corrected entry: When Zack the lifeline driver electrocutes himself on the fence and the heart starts beating again, the pumps you hear don't match with the heart pumping.

Correction: Surprisingly, this is correct. There are multiple ventricles in the heart that pump and what you see may not correspond with what is heard and usually does not.

Other mistake: When Rowan Atkinson is riding in the train, near the end of the film, he is looking out the window. He is looking forward, then quickly looks backwards. He does this several times in a row, as if trying to see things quickly as the train passes them. But, when the camera pulls back, Rowan's back is facing the direction the train is moving, thus he was looking the wrong way! You can tell by the way the scenery is moving as you look through the window. (01:28:05)

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Donald Sinclair: I can do anything. I'm eccentric.

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Trivia: This is the first movie to have 2 Academy award-winning Afro-Americans together.

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Question: In the "Ricky Bus" deleted scene on the DVD, can anyone work out what the guys on the bus are saying?

Answer: They say, in turn: "Hello, Ladies!" "We saw you runnin' on the highway" "Without a chaperone" "Somebody has some s'plainin' to do".


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