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Continuity mistake: When the two brothers are frantically trying to get out of the car because the monster truck is barreling toward them (in slo-mo), you will notice that the tongue ring is missing from the one brother's tongue. Odd mistake seeing as his character is centered around the tongue ring. (01:27:05)

Other mistake: When Rowan Atkinson is riding in the train, near the end of the film, he is looking out the window. He is looking forward, then quickly looks backwards. He does this several times in a row, as if trying to see things quickly as the train passes them. But, when the camera pulls back, Rowan's back is facing the direction the train is moving, thus he was looking the wrong way! You can tell by the way the scenery is moving as you look through the window. (01:28:05)

Rat Race mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Tracy visits her boyfriend in the helicopter, she starts to throw random objects at his truck. Watch her first throw where she cracks the back window, you'll notice that the front bonnet is dented although nothing has hit the bonnet yet. If you believe something might have been thrown before that, when she throws the second and third object there is no dent where that one was. (00:46:25)

Factual error: In the beginning of the movie when the main character is watching ESPN. The footage of the Dallas game, where the referee (Cuba Gooding) messes up the coin toss, you clearly see the sky right over the crowd in the stadium. The ESPN people say it was in Dallas. In Dallas, the Cowboys play in a dome. The hole of the dome is in the center of the roof and the sky would not have been shot so easily. Also the dome has artificial grass. The footage showed natural grass. (00:05:35)

Factual error: When it shows Cuba Gooding Jr.'s botched coin flip call, he is wearing a black hat with white stripes. This hat is only for Line Judges, Back Judges, and Umpires in football. If he is doing the coin flip, he should she be wearing a white hat to signify that he is the referee. The referee wears the white hat in every level of football, from high school all the way to the pros. (00:05:35)

Continuity mistake: At the Monster Truck Rally, the blue convertible that they are driving has no dents or scratches, it looks perfect. But in the scene before that they are doing nosedives into the dirt while chasing the hot air balloon. You can clearly see the damage then. (01:03:10 - 01:27:30)

Continuity mistake: When Merril and Vera ask the squirrel lady for directions, she tells them to drive 1.8 miles to the Totem Pole ranch, and to then go 5.4 miles until they get to a yellow sign with graffiti on it. However when they get to the yellow sign with graffiti on it, Merrill says "OK, we're at 2.4 miles" - it should be 5.4 miles.

Visible crew/equipment: When Blaine is on the hood of the convertible and he looks back and sees that no one is driving the car, the view hole for the person inside the seat who is actually driving the car is clearly visible. (01:04:20)

Factual error: Silver City doesn't have a train station. (01:30:15)

Revealing mistake: When Vicky and Donald Grisham are trying to get away in the car with the hardware store guy hanging on the end, in the furthest shot you can see the wheels aren't moving.

Rat Race mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Tracy is throwing things at her boyfriend's truck, you can see two dents in the roof. However, when Tracy is chasing her boyfriend, there is no damage to the roof.

Other mistake: When Blaine is on the hood of the cruise-controlled car, you can clearly see it's headed straight for thr oasis, however in the next closeup, the car smashes into a group of rocks, which were well off to the right of the screen. (01:02:55)

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Continuity mistake: In the helicopter chase scene you can clearly see that the metallic pickup truck had suffered serious grille and bumper damage, but in the scene when they arrived at the service station the front appears to be undamaged. (00:47:00 - 01:15:45)

Continuity mistake: Blaine's tongue piercing disappears at the airport, when he's trying to run away from the car, he screams and you can clearly see that the piercing is not there. (00:31:05)

Other mistake: When Owen is removing his clothes saying he isn't a bus driver, the chinese Lucy is looking away and covering her eyes. In the next shot she is looking again and then covers her eyes again. (01:23:20)

Other mistake: The bus driver (Marty) was a pretty large guy, so how come when Owen is wearing his clothes, they fit perfectly? Surely they would have been baggy?

Visible crew/equipment: As Nick puts his coin into the machine to gamble, you can see the crewmembers arms pushing equipment along, reflected in the golden edges of the casino machines. (00:13:30)

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Continuity mistake: When Tracy is flying over Sean's house in the helicopter, the long green hose on Sean's lawn changes position between shots, and in one shot you can see one of the patio chairs has fallen over, but it's back upright in the next shot. (00:43:45)

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Continuity mistake: When Seth Green is being pulled up by the radar tower, Seth is hanging on by the steering wheel, but in the next shot you see of him he is sitting in his seat again. (00:32:05)

Enrico Pollini: Am I too late-a? Look I won a coin, a gold coin-a, isn't it wonderful? Look at this room, what a beautiful room, have you seen this room?
Randy Pear: Yes! We're IN it.

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Trivia: This is the first movie to have 2 Academy award-winning Afro-Americans together.

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Question: In the "Ricky Bus" deleted scene on the DVD, can anyone work out what the guys on the bus are saying?

Answer: They say, in turn: "Hello, Ladies!" "We saw you runnin' on the highway" "Without a chaperone" "Somebody has some s'plainin' to do".


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