Rat Race

Continuity mistake: When Tracy and Nick arrive at Tracy's ex-boyfriend's house in her helicopter, Shawn's (Tracy's ex-boyfriend) mini-pool falls apart and water spills everywhere. He and the girl are both submerged in water and go flying. About 10 seconds later, he runs to his car in a collared shirt and he is completely dry.

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Revealing mistake: When one of the bikers smashes the front headlight of Hitler's car, the glass smashes well before the metal pole strikes it, revealing that a small explosive was triggered to cause it. (01:07:45)

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Visible crew/equipment: If you look closely behind the log, as Duane and Blaine plummet over the hill in their car, as they chase the key-cutter in the hot air balloon, you can see a ramp placed, however it is painted to blend in with the ground. If you watch closely you can even see it bounce. (01:00:40)

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Continuity mistake: When Zack opens the cooler to see the heart, the level of ice cubes in the cooler lowers between shots. (00:58:00)

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Continuity mistake: When Whoopi and her daughter arrive at the Silver City station, they are in a bus. The bus passes by the station, and you can see that they are fairly close to it. When they get off the bus and run towards the station, they are much farther away.

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Continuity mistake: When Vicki and Mr. Grisham are stealing the money near the end, Grisham is in the driver's seat and Vicki is in the passenger's seat. After the cow lands in the car, one shot shows that Mr. Grisham is in the passenger's seat. (01:34:05)


Continuity mistake: As the monster truck revs up just before it drives over the ramp, the cars parked by the ramp change between shots. (01:23:20)

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Continuity mistake: When Seth Green is being pulled up the side of a radio control tower while in a truck, the rotating radio receiver which is pulling the truck upwards groans and fractures under the stress, but the rope is not taut and obviously not holding any weight. (00:32:35)

Continuity mistake: When Zack and Enrico are driving along, and they swerve past the car, two cars behind them on the road disappear, and the markings on the road completely change between these shots. (00:56:30)

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Revealing mistake: When Zack skids his van, before hitting Enrico, you can see skidmarks in front of the van. (00:50:45)

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Continuity mistake: After Randy gets lipstick on his hand, he smears it on the steering wheel. But when the bikers are attacking them, smashing the car up, in many shots you can see the steering wheel has no lipstick on it. It returns later, when it gives Randy a moustache. (00:56:25 - 01:08:10)

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Visible crew/equipment: As everyone is leaving the casino and are starting the race, as Vera and Merrill walk out the double doors you can see a crewmember and the camera, which is pulling backwards, reflected in the other closed door. (00:23:05)

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Other mistake: After the woman falls down the stairs, the lawyer asked what happened and a lady says she "tripped over that glass." How could she have seen this if she was down at the bottom of the stairs? (00:07:00)

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Visible crew/equipment: When Vera and Merrill crash into the pile of cars, a skeleton rolls out of the back of the car in front of them. Then in the next shot the skeleton falls downward, and as it does you can see a thin metal wire attached to the back of the skeleton, obviously used to control it. (00:53:25)

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Continuity mistake: When Jon Lovitz's character wipes Eva Braun's lipstick off him and onto the steering wheel, it appears to be dark red. But after the crash and the formation of the "Hitler mustache", it is black.

Continuity mistake: Tracy throws a wrench and other things onto her (soon-to-be-ex-) boyfriend's truck. Several dents appear, including on the roof. She also drops a can of orange paint which spills up the windshield. However, for the remainder of the movie after this scene (as her boyfriend drives it away and later Tracy throws him out and takes it herself), there isn't a single dent left on the truck. Not just as she chases her boyfriend, but for the rest of the film.


Factual error: Security at the airport must be a little lax if two men are able to cut into the fence and climb the radar tower without being noticed the whole time, making all that noise, etc. Also, when the man in the control tower (with the binoculars) noticed the truck hanging, you'd think that security or police would notified. No-one ever questions them, and in the next scene we see a worker at the "U-Rent-It" car rental, checking his licence. No cops investigate the matter, nor is security called. (00:30:15 - 00:33:05)

Visible crew/equipment: When the rocket car zooms past the repair mans garage and it collapses, you can see a wire running across the outside of the garage, from above the window to behind the petrol pump, and there is a white cable trailed across the road to the left of the garage - in an earlier shot you can clearly see these were not here. (01:16:00)

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Continuity mistake: When Blaine and Duane are driving alongside the pierced girl in the red car, the position of the blue bands around Blaine's wrist change position between shots. (01:22:00)

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Continuity mistake: When Tracy is damaging Sean's truck, she throws a fire extinguisher, a wrench and then she throws a crowbar. As the crowbar hits the truck, you can see a spanner lying on the pavement - she never threw a spanner though. (00:44:50)

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Donald Sinclair: I can do anything. I'm eccentric.

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Trivia: At the beginning the two brothers are in the casino taking quarters out of a feed the children donation box. It's ironic that they should get the gold coin with the quarters and race to Silver City and end up giving the money to the Feed the Children Foundation and the end.

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Question: At the end, who are the band that play. I have a feeling it's Smash Mouth or Smashing Pumpkins. Someone care to tell?

Answer: It's Smash Mouth, as stated in the movie.


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