Rat Race

Deliberate mistake: In the infamous coin toss scene, Cuba's call is disputed. However, it appears that the coin on the ground is in fact in agreement with his call. However, he explains later that they use a special commemorative coin that is hard to read as it may have what appears to be a head on both sides. Therefore, the coin may have had a head come up, but it was agreed that that side would be 'tails'.

Deliberate mistake: There is a clear shot change as the monster truck lands on Blaine & Duane's Cadillac. One minute they have JUST fallen out of the car and fell to the ground, and the next they are at least five feet away and running, full-speed.


Deliberate mistake: When everyone is racing down the stairs to get to their cars/the airport, there is a shot from beneath glass as someone's sneaker rushes across the landing between floors. The landings were all metal platforms.


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