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This is a list of mistakes, things done wrong, etc. that happen so frequently onscreen we barely notice any more. 'Movie logic', stupid behaviours, and everything related.

Revealing mistake: Often times in movies when people are watching footage recorded that was supposed to be from the perspective of someone else, ie. from their eyes or recording glasses, or from a camera, it is not shown correctly. Rather than actually showing the images from the first person perspective, it shows camera footage of that person or previous footage from the movie the people are in.

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Factual error: Hotwiring any car made more recently than about 1995.

Factual error: Characters referring to another star system as a "Solar System." Solar System is a proper name, it refers specifically to the system that contains Earth. Our sun is called "Sol", hence "Solar System." Any time an alien from another planet uses the term Solar System to refer to an alien star system it indicates the writer or actor is making a common error.


Factual error: Any modern movie that is a period piece depicting the 1920s or 1930s shows old dilapidated houses with paint peeling off. Other things are obviously aged and weathered. Things like screen doors are rusty, or a gas station pump is weathered and obviously old. In reality, these things were relatively new back then. The paint on the house should look normal, and nothing should be rusty or weathered since they had not yet had the chance to age.


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Suggested correction: Just because a house or building from the 20's or 30's would be old now doesn't mean they didn't also have old house back then too. Plus, the rusted, paint peeling, etc is indicating poverty and the hardship times of that era. People didn't worry about small repairs and cosmetics when they didn't have food.


Other mistake: Characters in movies and TV shows always type things out on the screen without any typos or their flow of thoughts read like a professional writer, not a regular person.

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Suggested correction: Perhaps not everyone is as good a writer as the ones you see in the films, but films are meant to bend reality anyway. Good writing is a virtue and wanting to make one's own film character a good writer is not a mistake.


Audio problem: No matter the size of the gun, or where the gun is fired, it always sounds like a huge shotgun going off in a echo-heavy canyon.


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