Common movie and TV mistakes

This is a list of mistakes, things done wrong, etc. that happen so frequently onscreen we barely notice any more. 'Movie logic', stupid behaviours, and everything related.

Plot hole: An easily-explainable misunderstanding where one person storms off without even giving the other person the opportunity to clarify what's happened. "A pair of woman's underwear in your apartment?! You're cheating on me, we're done forever, don't ever call me!" But his sister came over to do some laundry that day, if she'd only bothered talking about it for a second.

Plot hole: Whenever the plot of a film or TV show revolves around a judged competition, whether for plot convenience or dramatic effect, the protagonist(s) often will perform or be judged last, even though this so frequently happening would be very unusual in real life.

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Suggested correction: This would be a valid observation if all movies that have a judged competition and the protagonists being the last to go were somehow connected to each other. But as each movie stands on its own, it's not really a plot hole or any other kind of mistake that the main characters are the last to go, because the improbability of that happening is relative to the given film itself and doesn't factor into other films dealing with the same subject.

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Plot hole: Minuscule towns where you'd expect even a robbery at the local diner would be big news and horrify the local community for months, somehow end up having a crime rate worse than a Mad Max dystopia. Examples; Cabot Cove, Maine (where Jessica Fletcher lives), or the "This is the police" videogame series, where a small town in the mountains ends up having in just a couple months hostage situations, bomb threats, several murders, armed robberies and about half a dozen of violent crimes every day.

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