Common movie and TV mistakes - page 10

This is a list of mistakes, things done wrong, etc. that happen so frequently onscreen we barely notice any more. 'Movie logic', stupid behaviours, and everything related.

Factual error: Police detectives working cases in which they are personally involved; such as the murder of a friend, family member, or their partner. Even though their superiors will often warn them to stay away from the investigation, the cops will continue to work the case on their own. Oftentimes films will imply that the cop should leave the investigation alone "for his own good", but in reality a cop investigating a case they are part of would seriously taint any evidence they uncover. If taken to trial, a defense attorney could easily have that evidence thrown out. Writers tend to get around this by having the villain engage in more crimes and be caught "red handed" or by simply having the villain be killed by the end. However it is still borderline insanity to see a cop investigating his wife's murder.


Factual error: Hotwiring any car made more recently than about 1995.

Other mistake: Characters in movies and TV shows always type things out on the screen without any typos or their flow of thoughts read like a professional writer, not a regular person.

Mike Lynch

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Suggested correction: Perhaps not everyone is as good a writer as the ones you see in the films, but films are meant to bend reality anyway. Good writing is a virtue and wanting to make one's own film character a good writer is not a mistake.


Audio problem: No matter the size of the gun, or where the gun is fired, it always sounds like a huge shotgun going off in a echo-heavy canyon.


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