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Wonder Woman 1984 picture

Other mistake: Fireworks use heated metals to produce the various colors seen when they explode - Iron, Nickel, Cryolite, magnesium and copper filings. Flying a jet engine through exploding fireworks would cause serious damage to the engine.

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Suggested correction: Diana had conjured an invisibility shield around the jet that would likely protect it from the fireworks.

raywest Premium member

Agreed, the spell does obviously do more than just make the plane invisible. When looking at the invisibility of Themyscira, the spell obviously filters out the atmosphere and only can't keep out solid objects like planes and ships.


If the cloak of invisibility "filters out the atmosphere", how is the air needed to run the engines getting in?

It filters the atmosphere, not keep it away. So it keeps the atmosphere that comes in clean.


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The Gentlemen picture

Other mistake: When Fletcher is talking in the garden, the steaks for the BBQ are taken out of a freezer, but when placed on the BBQ, they are not frozen.

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Suggested correction: He could've defrosted the steaks in the microwave prior to coming back outside.

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The Old Guard picture The Old Guard mistake picture

Other mistake: Near the start, instead of showing bullet casings drop they show full bullets drop from the gun on the ground. (00:12:44)


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Suggested correction: The shell casings appear to be unfired, but this is only because of the lighting and angle. Upon closer examination they are empty 5.56mm brass as they should be.

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Underwater picture

Other mistake: *Spoiler Alert* The strength of the underwater suits is wildly inconsistent. Rodrigo's suit almost immediately cracks and implodes, killing him. Paul's suit is easily ripped open by the creatures, also killing him, but Norah is repeatedly slammed into the sea floor by one of the creatures and her suit remains remarkably intact.

wizard_of_gore Premium member

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Suggested correction: It is stated by one of the survivors that one of the helmets was damaged. Rodrigo had the damaged one.

Actually, that's not completely accurate. She says something like "Faulty, I knew they were faulty." That also doesn't account for the fact that the creatures tore Paul right out of his suit, but couldn't seem to do the same with Norah.

wizard_of_gore Premium member

His suit was faulty. He noticed a crack when he first picked it to put it on.

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Tenet picture

Other mistake: When the protagonist is making the exchange via the BMW and tries to slip the Algorithm into the passing car (himself), the window of the car is up, so there's no way he could have thrown it in. (01:19:55 - 01:33:55)

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The New Mutants picture

Other mistake: In the credits of the movie, the creator of the original comic's name is misspelled as "Bob Macleod" when it should read "Bob McLeod."


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Monster Hunter picture

Other mistake: Capt Artemis offers Tony Jaa's hunter character an intact partial Hershey bar that she pulls from her pants pocket. The film takes place in a brutally hot desert that would've turned that chocolate bar into chocolate goo not long after the start of the film. If the heat hadn't melted the bar, it would've been smooshed by the continuous hand-to-hand combat between the two characters. (00:45:22)


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Ghostbusters: Afterlife picture Ghostbusters: Afterlife mistake picture

Other mistake: When Gary is about to test the trap check the bus door on the right: there's a reflection of what seems to be his shirt, but it's a long sleeved wrinkled shirt, not the short sleeved he's wearing. What's even more bizarre: when Gary moves around, the reflection stays completely still and, drumroll, a shot later, from the very same angle, the reflection disappears. Either it was a crew member hiding, or a CGI-made reflection placed to hide some unwanted crew or equipment reflection.

Sacha Premium member

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Free Guy picture

Other mistake: In the frame you can see the girl is playing on a newer Macbook, she is using a wired headset but the headset is not plugged into the laptop, you can also see she is using a wired gaming mouse, and the USB cable is just sitting there not connected to anything. The Macbook is USB-C only and the mouse is USB-A.

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Unhinged picture

Other mistake: As soon as Tom chops his way through the front door to commit the murders, a "flight of stairs" can be seen. These steps are obviously a prop because they are linear and vertical (are flat and go straight up to the ceiling) and the people inside (ex-wife and new boyfriend) emerge from behind the "staircase" with little space to the wall parallel to the steps. (00:03:07)


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The Vanished picture

Other mistake: The dates don't add up. They said she was 9 months pregnant in the picture with the twin towers. How was Taylor born in Jan 2002 then? That's 4 months after the towers went down.

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Welcome to Sudden Death picture

Other mistake: Alpha was standing at an angle to the senator when he shot him in the forehead, but the bullet hole was not angled as would be expected. Alpha was also holding his gun slightly upward when aiming at the senator's forehead, but the majority of the (odd-shaped) blood splatter behind him was near the back of his neck instead of higher. All blood splatter went behind the senator, but some should have been in front. (00:21:05)


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Train to Busan Presents: Peninsula picture

Other mistake: Jung-seok's nephew accidentally drops a ball which rolls away and lands in front of a nearby bed. When he walks over to get it, he realises that the man sitting on the bed has turned into a zombie. He is shown in a contorted position, with his back lifted off the ground and is heard making painful grunting noises. The other passengers in the cabin then realise there is a zombie in the room with them. It is extremely hard to believe that none of the other passengers in the cabin would have noticed this beforehand, not even by accident. This man's body was in a completely inhuman and unrealistic position, but it's not until the nephew walks up to him where people start to notice. (00:05:25)

Casual Person

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Echo Boomers picture

Other mistake: Jack took Illinois licence plate "BL 91021" off a Subaru SUV to put on the group's truck and put "V 986394" on the Subaru. Illinois truck (< 8,000 pounds) plates have the letter "B" on the middle-right side of the plate. The "BL 91021" would have too many numbers to be valid. By putting a license plate starting with "V" on the SUV - without the letter "B" on the middle-right side - the SUV would not have a truck plate like it should (and would also have too many numbers to be valid). (00:22:49)


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Fatman picture

Other mistake: The scraping sound is not coming from the man "scraping" his windshield. The snow is easily brushed off and there is no icy coating below the "fluffy" snow to realistically produce the sound of scraping ice off a windshield. (00:00:35)


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Greenland picture

Other mistake: Near the beginning of the movie, John's neighbor, Ed, is standing behind a wooden fence that is diagonal across the screen. The fence behind Ed is straighter. The angles of the fences indicate they are too close together - perpendicular sides of fences do not form a "V." Also, two BACK sides of fence are shown. Since Ed is within the fenced area, it is his (not John's) fence and the front ("good") side of the fence should be facing John's yard.


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Ava (2020)

Ava picture

Other mistake: The opening credits show a bit of Ava's rather extravagant biography. She is involved in a DUI accident that kills two people; the news article says that it happened "early Thursday morning." What follows is a police photo labeled 06/27/95, a Saturday. Then we see the police report; not only the incident time is 10:30 PM, but the date is March 15 1999, which was a Monday. It is not separated incidents, since the police photo is then shown again, next to the "Thursday" article (and the fact described in the article is life-changing). (00:08:10)

Sammo Premium member

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Run Hide Fight picture

Other mistake: The weapon which the gunman is holding is a WWII era Nazi MP38/40 submachine gun. The weapon from the magazine housing to the end of the barrel (muzzle) is completely bent down about 25-30°. There's no way the weapon would shoot as straight as it was shooting earlier if at all. I highly doubt the firing pin/bolt can even make contact with the primer of the bullet in the magazine. The weapon looks cartoonish if anything. (00:48:30 - 00:50:00)

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Love and Monsters picture

Other mistake: When the kid first leaves and enters the house, he takes out the crossbow with an arrow in it but the elastic drawstring is flapping around in front. (00:22:33)


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The Silencing picture

Other mistake: Rayburn pulled an arrow out of his chest - and without much blood gushing out. The rather small amount of blood on the towel and Rayburn's ability to go about business as though he had not been injured is unrealistic and absurd. (00:27:00)


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