Run Hide Fight

Run Hide Fight (2020)

2 mistakes

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Directed by: Kyle Rankin

Starring: Thomas Jane, Radha Mitchell, Isabel May

Genres: Action, Thriller

Audio problem: She's holding a suppressed AR-15 type rifle made to look like a mk12 mod 1. When she fires the shot it sounds unsuppressed. Firing a rifle with a suppressor is still loud but hearing safe, this shot required hearing protection. (01:39:00 - 01:40:30)

Other mistake: The weapon which the gunman is holding is a WWII era Nazi MP38/40 submachine gun. The weapon from the magazine housing to the end of the barrel (muzzle) is completely bent down about 25-30°. There's no way the weapon would shoot as straight as it was shooting earlier if at all. I highly doubt the firing pin/bolt can even make contact with the primer of the bullet in the magazine. The weapon looks cartoonish if anything. (00:48:30 - 00:50:00)

Zoe Hull: This is high school. Nothing that happens here matters in the real world.

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