Run Hide Fight

Run Hide Fight (2020)


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Directed by: Kyle Rankin

Starring: Thomas Jane, Radha Mitchell, Isabel May

Genres: Action, Thriller

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Zoe Hull: I didn't expect to deal with this scenario but there's unfinished business to tend to. You see, it's tempting to let nature run its course. The lungs will fill with blood and the animal will die naturally but with that process comes extreme pain and it just isn't right to let it suffer. Or is it?

Zoe Hull: This is high school. Nothing that happens here matters in the real world.

Zoe Hull: Hey, we know you're hurting Roy! Okay? We know mommy, she didn't hug you enough and daddy never said he was proud. You don't need to hide behind stereotypical cavemale aggression. Reach out to that scared little boy inside! Don't push him away.

Zoe Hull: Really? God! You agree to be part of this and it doesn't even mean anything to you? Couldn't be more disgusting.
Kip Quade: Tristan called it a reckoning.
Zoe Hull: A reckoning? For what? You're a kid.
Kip Quade: I'm eighteen.
Zoe Hull: You're pathetic is what you are.

Beat Cop: Hey, we even got a warrant for this?
Sheriff Tarsy: No. No time. That's why I'm calling what you're now doing a wellness check.
Beat Cop: Roger that.

Tristan Voy: You see, Sheriff, I am an agent of change. Midwife of truth. I am an embodiment.
Sheriff Tarsy: That sounds exhausting.
Tristan Voy: Yeah, that's because it hurts your tiny brain.
Sheriff Tarsy: Then why don't you explain it to me as though I were a small child?
Tristan Voy: You mean the way that I have to explain everything to everyone?

Tristan Voy: So join me as we dismantle a bastion of our society in favor of entropy and truth.

Sheriff Tarsy: You're obviously very smart.
Tristan Voy: I don't need some local lard ass cop to tell me that.
Sheriff Tarsy: Fair enough. I could stand to lose a few.

Zoe Hull: Now you're the one not talking? What's wrong Tristan? I thought we'd built up a nice rapport. Am I not being polite enough?

Zoe Hull: You were right. I was at war.

Tristan Voy: Don't be shy, come in. Join us.
Zoe Hull: You can kill me just as easily right here.
Tristan Voy: I know but that would be terrible for ratings.

Zoe Hull: That's what this is about?
Kip Quade: Don't.
Zoe Hull: Oh sorry. Have I belittled your motivation for cold-blooded murder?

Jennifer Hull: One thing about going places, you take yourself there too.

Tristan Voy: You have no fucking idea who you're dealing with.
Zoe Hull: You know you're right. You actually are starting to slip my mind. I mean, isn't it ironic that after all your goddamn hard work people aren't gonna remember you?
Tristan Voy: No.
Zoe Hull: No? They're gonna remember me.

Kip Quade: What did you know about me? Before all this?
Zoe Hull: Nothing. You're incredibly forgettable.

Tristan Voy: What? Fame doesn't do it for you Zoe?
Zoe Hull: No.
Tristan Voy: Then what does?
Zoe Hull: People, myself included, not dying.

Tristan Voy: You really made a mess of things Zoe. You really pissed in my cornflakes.

Other mistake: The weapon which the gunman is holding is a WWII era Nazi MP38/40 submachine gun. The weapon from the magazine housing to the end of the barrel (muzzle) is completely bent down about 25-30°. There's no way the weapon would shoot as straight as it was shooting earlier if at all. I highly doubt the firing pin/bolt can even make contact with the primer of the bullet in the magazine. The weapon looks cartoonish if anything. (00:48:30 - 00:50:00)

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