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Body Cam picture

Other mistake: When Lomito was holding the little green ball with the smiley face on it, her flashlight was shining on her fingers/fingernails - all of which were long and manicured. The length of her fake fingernails - even if they did not exceed the department's policy on maximum length, such as one-fourth inch past the fingertip - probably were long enough to interfere with her ability to quickly put her finger on her pistol's trigger and shoot; the length interfered with her ability to perform her duties. (00:31:25)


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Welcome to Sudden Death picture

Other mistake: Alpha was standing at an angle to the senator when he shot him in the forehead, but the bullet hole was not angled as would be expected. Alpha was also holding his gun slightly upward when aiming at the senator's forehead, but the majority of the (odd-shaped) blood splatter behind him was near the back of his neck instead of higher. All blood splatter went behind the senator, but some should have been in front. (00:21:05)


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Train to Busan Presents: Peninsula picture

Other mistake: Jung-seok's nephew accidentally drops a ball which rolls away and lands in front of a nearby bed. When he walks over to get it, he realises that the man sitting on the bed has turned into a zombie. He is shown in a contorted position, with his back lifted off the ground and is heard making painful grunting noises. The other passengers in the cabin then realise there is a zombie in the room with them. It is extremely hard to believe that none of the other passengers in the cabin would have noticed this beforehand, not even by accident. This man's body was in a completely inhuman and unrealistic position, but it's not until the nephew walks up to him where people start to notice. (00:05:25)

Casual Person

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Echo Boomers picture

Other mistake: Jack took Illinois licence plate "BL 91021" off a Subaru SUV to put on the group's truck and put "V 986394" on the Subaru. Illinois truck (< 8,000 pounds) plates have the letter "B" on the middle-right side of the plate. The "BL 91021" would have too many numbers to be valid. By putting a license plate starting with "V" on the SUV - without the letter "B" on the middle-right side - the SUV would not have a truck plate like it should (and would also have too many numbers to be valid). (00:22:49)


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Fatman picture

Other mistake: The scraping sound is not coming from the man "scraping" his windshield. The snow is easily brushed off and there is no icy coating below the "fluffy" snow to realistically produce the sound of scraping ice off a windshield. (00:00:35)


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Greenland picture

Other mistake: Near the beginning of the movie, John's neighbor, Ed, is standing behind a wooden fence that is diagonal across the screen. The fence behind Ed is straighter. The angles of the fences indicate they are too close together - perpendicular sides of fences do not form a "V." Also, two BACK sides of fence are shown. Since Ed is within the fenced area, it is his (not John's) fence and the front ("good") side of the fence should be facing John's yard.


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