The Vanished

The Vanished (2020)

5 mistakes

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Continuity mistake: Anne Heche's jacket changes color from brown to pink, and her wool hat that had blood and coffee on it, is back on her head after being thrown away. (00:40:00 - 00:44:00)

Plot hole: The girl disappeared from the RV. The RV is a crime scene - it should have been taped off, finger printed, and searched for trace evidence with luminol and a forensic light source. There is no crime scene (forensic) unit present on the scene. However, the parents are sitting in the RV waiting for the cops to contact them about their missing child. (00:19:00 - 00:20:00)

Other mistake: The dates don't add up. They said she was 9 months pregnant in the picture with the twin towers. How was Taylor born in Jan 2002 then? That's 4 months after the towers went down.

Other mistake: An aerial shot of the woods is green instead of showing Fall foliage. When they are leaving, there's just as much - if not more - green leaves on trees than when they got there and it is after Thanksgiving (late November when there should be Autumn foliage, if any, on the trees). (00:18:29 - 01:24:13)


Continuity mistake: When Anne Heche is going to the RV Park office and store she is only wearing a sweater, but has a jacket on upon her return. (00:12:00 - 00:12:46)

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