The New Mutants

Other mistake: In the credits of the movie, the creator of the original comic's name is misspelled as "Bob Macleod" when it should read "Bob McLeod."


Continuity mistake: A doctor comes into a patient's room. The door swings inward to the right, and it has a heavy lock on it. When she leaves she closes the door. It swings inward, but to the left, and it has no heavy lock. (00:04:10 - 00:08:25)


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Sam Guthrie: This isn't a hospital. It's a haunted house.

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Trivia: The film was originally meant to be the start of a "New Mutants" trilogy. However, due to the Disney/Fox merger, all plans for the trilogy have been put on hold, and it is now considered to be a stand-alone film.


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