Best thriller movie mistakes of 2009

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The Tournament picture

Plot hole: Although it is true that CCTV-camera's are "everywhere", it is highly unlikely they are placed in churches under low angles (MacAvoy's Church) or that two separate ones are pointed at a dumpster in the middle of nowhere (Slade's first kill).


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Sorority Row picture Sorority Row mistake picture

Continuity mistake: After Megan dies, for real, Jessica tells the others that they loved Megan and Megan loved them. Her robe opens and closes between alternate shots.


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Drag Me To Hell picture

Continuity mistake: A spirit knocks Christine over and gives her a bloody lip. Her boyfriend tends to her lip, which is very swollen. As she sleeps, there is a close up of a fly going into her mouth between her lips that are not swollen at all. After she swallows the fly, she sits up and her bottom lip is swollen again. (00:37:05)

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A Perfect Getaway picture

Continuity mistake: When Ben is driving the car away from the store where they buy the comping supplies, the headrest in the car is missing, but it reappears in the next scene.


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S. Darko picture

Continuity mistake: While Sam is talking to Trudy in the bank about the burned church, the name tag on the door in the background when the camera is focused on Trudy is there, then it isn't, then it reappears again throughout the scene. (00:35:30 - 00:36:00)


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The International picture

Continuity mistake: During the shoot-out at the Guggenheim, each of the assailants is using so many bullets that they would have needed huge bags to carry all the magazines.

Jacob La Cour

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Surrogates picture Surrogates mistake picture

Visible crew/equipment: In one shot at the end, when all the surrogates fall to the ground, you can see a few crew members (one with a white megaphone) standing in the street in the upper left corner. (01:19:55)


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Dorian Gray picture

Continuity mistake: 21 minutes and 30 seconds into the film, Dorian enters Cibyl's dressing room holding his hat and what seems to be the program to the performance (that he has just watched with Cibyl in it). A few seconds later, Dorian has only his hat. Seconds later, he has the piece of paper and his hat in his hand again. Dorian did not sit down anywhere or go near anything that he could have put the "program" down on to be picked up again a few seconds later. (00:21:30 - 00:22:00)

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Crank: High Voltage picture

Revealing mistake: When Vang and Chev are running and about to jump the fence into the power station, look in the fence and you can see the handy foot holds that the actors use to go over the fence.

Ssiscool Premium member

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The Stepfather picture

Continuity mistake: At the start of the movie Dylan Walsh cuts himself shaving and patches it with a piece of tissue, on the side of his jaw. Moments later as he's walking through the house the cut has moved to the corner of his mouth. (00:01:40 - 00:03:35)

Jai Rodrigue

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The Disappearance of Alice Creed picture

Continuity mistake: Vic is consoling Danny, with his hand round his neck. Towards the end of the scene his hand suddenly jumps to Danny's shoulder.

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Carriers picture

Continuity mistake: When the car hits a rock in the start, the are leaking oil, after 1/2 minutes they walk back to the spot where they hit the rock, the oil trail is gone.


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Echelon Conspiracy picture

Continuity mistake: Somewhere during the car chase scene, one of the rear lights of the delivery van breaks. After that it magically fixes itself in some shots.


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Push picture

Audio problem: At the end of the movie, when Cassie says, "This case is the key to bringing down Division", her mouth doesn't move at all.

Brad Premium member

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Dragonball Evolution picture

Factual error: Despite the film building to a climax during a total solar eclipse, which requires a New Moon, the film constantly shows a Full Moon, which never changes phase over the weeks the film takes place.

The Yeti

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The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo picture

Factual error: During one of Blomkvist's flashbacks to his childhood with his babysitter (about 40 years ago), he is wearing Lightning McQueen shoes.

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The Last House on the Left picture

Continuity mistake: Throughout the scene where the SUV crashes in the woods, Sadie is wearing large dangling earrings. In one quick shot where she is seen sitting in the back of the vehicle after the crash, her left earring is missing. It reappears in the next shot.

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The Road picture

Other mistake: As Viggo Mortensen narrates, it's been years since every crop and animal has died. Trees have been dead so long they're rotting where they stand and falling over with a stiff wind or slight tremor. Yet, in the woods, there are always fallen leaves on the ground which ought to have long ago decomposed, rain or no rain. Obviously, they can't sweep out the whole forest to make a movie.

Phixius Premium member

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Jennifer's Body picture

Continuity mistake: In the beginning during the cheerleader show the cheerleader to the right of Jennifer have her left leg stretched right, covering her right knee which is also somewhat turned right, in the next shoot, supposed to be just a change of the point of view, the same cheerleader have her left leg now straight to the left.

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Lies & Illusions picture

Other mistake: When Wes is running from the bad guys he hides in a St Patrick's day parade. No buildings that they pass have any St Patrick's day decorations or give any hint of this holiday, including the Irish bar they go into earlier.

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