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Lies & Illusions picture

Other mistake: When Wes is running from the bad guys he hides in a St Patrick's day parade. No buildings that they pass have any St Patrick's day decorations or give any hint of this holiday, including the Irish bar they go into earlier.

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Paranormal Entity picture

Plot hole: At the beginning there is an audio recording of Thomas talking to the police. He explicitly says 'They killed her! They Killed my sister, my mom!' or something to that effect and that Thomas was arrested for the rape and murder of his sister and he killed himself in custody. At the end, his sister is killed and the little epilogue says that the sister's body was found in her brother's arms and when their mother found out about the 'death of her children' she killed herself. That doesn't make sense logically. Thomas was alive when his mother was dead, according to the clip at the beginning.


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The Cry of the Owl picture

Visible crew/equipment: In the scene where Jenny's former boyfriend shows her the broken cupboard-door a crew member is reflected in the window over her right shoulder.


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The Girl Who Played With Fire picture

Audio problem: DVD version. In the scene where Lisbeth is about to be buried alive, she gets shot three times by her father as she tries to run away. The sound effect of the gunfire includes the tinkling of a spent cartridge hitting the ground (clearly heard in the rear right). However, the father's gun is seen to be a revolver, which does not eject spent casings when fired - the spent casings stay in the cylinder. (01:50:30)

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Laid to Rest picture

Factual error: The scene where Princess and Steven are in Chrome Skull's truck, they are trying to dial 911. They are denied access because the phone is password protected. This would never happen. Even though there is a lock on the phone, it would be automatically deactivated for 911 calls. When you lock your cell phone to protect it from unwanted usage, the phone will deny all usage EXCEPT 911 calls.


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After.Life picture

Continuity mistake: When Deacon is removing Anna's clothes when she is on the mortuary slab, he stops when she starts talking to him, leaving her red slip and tights on. When the camera pans to show them both fully in picture, her tights are gone.

Jeff Walker

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The Collector picture

Continuity mistake: Approximately 10 minutes into the movie the main character is going to burglarize a house and there is a guard dog on a chain in the yard that bites him, through a black mask, on his left cheek. After he is in the upstairs bedroom trying to open a safe, you can see blood around the hole near his left eye, but when he pulls off the mask, there is no longer blood on his left cheek, or any signs of a puncture wound.

S Doty

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Angel of Death picture

Continuity mistake: During the fight in the bathroom, Zoe and the villain break a bathroom stall door and side-wall down. In the next shot the door is back up in its original position. It is the same door that is beside the urinal, not another stall, as it's a small bathroom with only one stall and urinal. (00:28:30 - 00:30:00)


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Horsemen picture Horsemen mistake picture

Continuity mistake: After seeing the aborted baby, Quaid goes into the bathroom and plunges his head into water. His hair, however, is perfectly dried afterward. (00:35:35)


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The Grudge 3 picture The Grudge 3 mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Max is going to stab Naoko at the end of the movie, he grabs her by the hair, but in the next shot he's grabbing her by the chin. (01:18:30)

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Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li picture Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li mistake picture

Visible crew/equipment: When Chun-Li and her family arrive at their new home at Hong Kong, as the old servant opens the door, the reflection of the boom mic is visible on the black door. (00:01:55)


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Dark House picture

Revealing mistake: In the evil woman's dramatic scene after she kills the children, her knife flops around like it is made of rubber, but sounds solid when she throws it in the sink. (01:22:35)

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The Secret in Their Eyes picture

Factual error: When Esposito revisits the murder scene, he asks Morales whether he would prefer the culprit to receive the death penalty. Morales answers that he would not, claiming that to doze off and fall asleep (hinting at execution by lethal injection) would be too good for the man who raped and brutally murdered his wife. Execution by injection has never been practiced in Argentina - where the last execution was carried out in 1916, by shooting - and was legally enacted only in 1977 and practiced the first time in 1982 (in both cases by the state of Texas). Thus, it seems anachronistic that anyone would equate the method with capital punishment in 1974, when the scene is set. (00:24:00)

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Chloe picture

Continuity mistake: Catherine goes home after sex with Chloe yet she later receives a picture on her phone from Chloe in which she's asleep afterwards. When did she fall asleep?


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Suggested correction: There's no indication that she went straight home. Lots of people doze off after sex.

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Brooklyn's Finest picture

Factual error: The part of the movie where they have had the morning updates at the police station, Richard Gere later walks on the sidewalk and stares deliberately at a pair of Muslims praying. The sun is shining on the backs of the Muslims heads indicating that they are facing west even though Mecca would be off to a much more easterly direction from Brooklyn.

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Red Sands picture

Factual error: The credits list several of the characters as "Arab." But the film is set in Afghanistan and the Afghans are not Arabs.


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Book of Blood picture

Plot hole: Every ghost that we see in the house looks the way they did when they died, for example the girl from the film's intro is seen without skin on her face, which happened to her before she died. However, in the final scene when we see Simon's ghost joining them, he looks completely normal, when he should have had a throat slit wound and the carved markings on his skin. (01:31:20)


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The House of the Devil picture

Continuity mistake: When she gets the pizza from the guy at the door, it is in a white box. When she goes in and sets it on the counter, it is in a brown pizza box. Then later, when she is running away covered in blood, she grabs the knife on top of the pizza box, and it is white again.

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The Hills Run Red picture

Revealing mistake: After the 4 have been tied up and babyface has killed their captors, he grabs Alexa by the neck. There is a shot of him from behind and you can see the make up covering the back of his head/neck coming up above his collar.


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