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Terminator Salvation picture

Other mistake: When Marcus, Kyle and Star are at the petrol station, a flying HK and the giant Harvester robot are able to appear just outside without making any kind of sound. In every other scene of the Harvester and the HKs however, they both make an incredible amount of noise. (00:37:40)

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12 Rounds picture

Other mistake: At 1:39:14 the bomb arms, 32 seconds later at 1:39:46 (two seconds after it should have blown up) Dan and Molly jump from the helicopter. Then 10 secs later at 1:39:56, the plane FINALLY blows up after giving them those extra 12 secs to jump and conveniently make it to the pool below.

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Halloween 2 picture

Other mistake: When Laurie has her episode in the bathroom about killing Annie, the clock stays at 7:03 the whole time.

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The Proposal picture

Other mistake: During the sequence where Margaret proposes to Andrew on the street in New York, the same woman in a green sweater walks by three times.

Low Cow
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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince picture

Other mistake: In quite a few shots during the film, it is much too obvious that there are no lenses in Harry's glasses, whereas in previous and following shots the glasses have lenses. A couple of instances are: when Harry drinks the Felix Felicis and when Harry kneels beside Dumbledore, at the foot of the Astronomy Tower.

Super Grover Premium member
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Paul Blart: Mall Cop picture

Other mistake: When Paul Blart is pwning Rock Band, the vocals shows the tambourine/clap notes. Paul Blart is doing nothing that would play those notes (singing or pressing the "a" button).

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Bruno picture

Other mistake: After Bruno and Lutz had been arrested and are outside the police station arguing, in the background in the left corner, there is a gold Ford Mustang. Then as Lutz is walking away, the same gold Ford Mustang is seen driving in to park in that same place.

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2012 picture

Other mistake: When the monk arrives with Jackson and the others at the gate leading into the secret entrance of the ships, the countdown to impact timer reads about 28 minutes. It is highly implausible that the group, which contains elderly and small children, are able to get to the top of what looks to be a 100 story staircase in less than 15 minutes without breaking a sweat. Once they are inside the hatch, the countdown to impact timer reads about 13 minutes.

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A Single Man picture

Other mistake: Poor guy George obviously has his heart on the wrong side - that is at least where his hand goes when he suffers his heart attack.

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The Taking of Pelham 123 picture

Other mistake: When Regina first speaks into the mic, she doesn't press the button so they shouldn't be able to hear her. (00:11:50)

Ssiscool Premium member
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Angels & Demons picture

Other mistake: After Langdon saves the last of the Preferati by diving into the fountain, he heads off to St. Angelo with dry clothes. Since it is only ten or fifteen minutes later, his clothes should be soaked.

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Knowing pictureKnowing mistake picture

Other mistake: During the time capsule recovery ceremony, there is a man standing next to Nicolas Cage, who pulls out his cell phone to take a picture of the ceremony. However, he's holding the cell phone wrong, pointing the camera towards himself.

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Ghosts of Girlfriends Past picture

Other mistake: At Paul's wedding, Paul gives a speech saying that Connor was always there for him, "ever since our parents died when I was 2 and Connor was 7". However, in the scene showing when Connor and Jenny were just kids and she gives him a camera for his birthday, Jenny and Connor appear to be at least 10 years old - certainly not 7. Connor tells his ghost, "that was the summer before my parents died". The scene that follows shows the parents funeral, with Paul sitting next to Connor, and Paul appears to be about 5 or 6 years old - but much older than 2.

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The Hangover picture

Other mistake: In the morning after scene, when the three men are sitting at the dining table by the pool with the baby, watch the extras milling about behind them. The same two people pass behind them twice from the same direction just moments apart. A little later a woman in a swimsuit walks by behind two of the characters. After a few more lines of dialogue, she is still walking by behind another of the characters.

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Orphan picture

Other mistake: When Daniel is playing Guitar Hero with his friends, after he and his friends leave the game to go outside, if you look closely at the TV, you can see that the game is still playing (notes are still being strummed) even though there is no one at the controls. (00:23:05)

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Land of the Lost picture

Other mistake: Due to the gait of the T-Rex, its head moves rather significantly when it walks as seen throughout the movie. However when it approaches Dr. Marshall with the laser in its teeth, the laser is steady and able to pinpoint a line up his head in a very steady manner which would not have been possible.

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Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel picture

Other mistake: When The Chipettes perform their audition for Ian Hawke they are standing on the Jett Records sign on the roof of the Jett Records building. In order for the sign to read correctly from the street, Ian and The Chipettes should have a backwards view of the lettering. In the movie the sign reads correctly from Ian and The Chipettes point of view, meaning that it is giving a backwards view to the street, ie. it is the wrong way round.

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Gamer picture

Other mistake: After the scene where we learn that the female with braids is named Sandra, her head explodes and Kable's face and hair are splattered with brain pieces, one second later he only has blood on his face.

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Avatar picture

Other mistake: In the scene after Jake first links to his Avatar body and they are getting ready to put the Avatar's to rest, Grace gets the human scientists to 'scat' and shuts two large gates behind them. There is a CGI error with Grace's left hand. Her hand is not holding the gate handle but is pulling it shut anyway.

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Fired Up! picture

Other mistake: When Nick and Shawn are on the bus leaving the cheer camp, the old man in the seat behind them is mouthing their lines.

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