Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

Corrected entry: Why doesn't everyone just throw the unwanted sardines into the ocean if they don't want to eat them? They're fish.

Correction: Two things; One, they're dead, and two, before Flint's machine started working right, nobody had anything else to eat. It would be pretty stupid to get rid of your only food source. Also after all this, Brent and Flint's dad were the only ones that actually liked sardines, so it would make sense for some of them to stick around.

Corrected entry: Since the food falls directly out of the machine, and not from clouds in the sky, the food should only be falling in one general area at any given time, which makes the worldwide food storm in the end an impossibility. That being said, the purple food-shaped clouds throughout the film are unexplainable and pointless.


Correction: It's a fictional device which operates as depicted. It is depicted causing food to rain down all over town, and eventually all over the world, so that's what it does. There is no mistake here simply because the details go unexplained.

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Corrected entry: When "Sardine Land" is unveiled, Flint says behind the pillar "I just need 16,000 more gigajoules", or something similar. Joules is a measurement of FORCE, not ELECTRIC POWER (hertz).


Correction: Flint is also a kid who's "security system" consists of a Simon game he's nailed to the wall. He needlessly dictates everything he does. This misuse of jargon is just another example of him trying to be "sciency".

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Corrected entry: To make this film look more realistic Sony actually invented a new kind of filming. lt consists of a camera which is customized to translate the movements to a computer. That way they would build the environment and the movements of the characters and film it with the camera in different angles to see which is the best.


Correction: Not true; Sony's 2007 computer animated film, Surf's Up, used the same technique.

Corrected entry: Nothing happens to the food in the "leftover" place. The food does not rot, the ice cream does not melt and they are not infested with pests like ants.

Correction: This can't possibly be a mistake. If we can accept that it is going to rain food, we have to accept that it is not going to behave as if it were normal food. The whole movie is based on this premise.


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