The Taking of Pelham 123

Other mistake: When Regina first speaks into the mic, she doesn't press the button so they shouldn't be able to hear her. (00:11:50)

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Other mistake: While a sniper is awaiting permission to shoot, a rat crawls up his leg and bites him, resulting in an accidental discharge. A trained shooter, much less SWAT sniper, knows that you never place your finger on the trigger until you are prepared to shoot. Otherwise, you could have an accidental discharge.


Other mistake: When they give Garber the pistol to take, the cop shows him how to operate the safety. He releases the safety and says it is safe, then puts it on safe and says it is ready to shoot.

Other mistake: Following the scene where Phil Ramos is shot in the head by the sniper, you will notice him still breathing behind Ryder showing him in the background when Ryder gets on the radio.

Other mistake: When the man is saying the train will stop when it hits a red signal, the child immediately says that they're all green. From where this child is sitting with his mother, and with how short he is, there is no way he could have seen the signal lights. (01:51:00)


Other mistake: In the scene where Garber is in the helicopter, the far away shot shows it as being almost sunset, when it is actually closer to 3:30. The sun is low on the horizon.

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