The Taking of Pelham 123
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Continuity mistake: When they give Garber the pistol to take, it has actually changed when he pulls it out of the bag, it's an entirely different pistol.

Other mistake: When Regina first speaks into the mic, she doesn't press the button so they shouldn't be able to hear her. (00:11:50)

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Other mistake: While a sniper is awaiting permission to shoot, a rat crawls up his leg and bites him, resulting in an accidental discharge. A trained shooter, much less SWAT sniper, knows that you never place your finger on the trigger until you are prepared to shoot. Otherwise, you could have an accidental discharge.

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Trivia: Denzel Washington wears a yellow shirt and multi-colored tie. In the original film, Walter Matthau wore a multi-colored shirt and yellow tie.

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Ryder: Life is simple now. They just have to do what I say.

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