Other mistake: After Bruno and Lutz had been arrested and are outside the police station arguing, in the background in the left corner, there is a gold Ford Mustang. Then as Lutz is walking away, the same gold Ford Mustang is seen driving in to park in that same place.

Continuity mistake: In the diner scene where Bruno commits "carbicide" the exterior light goes from night to day then back to night.

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Character mistake: When Bruno is picking up baby OJ, on the subtitles it says '13 pounds of black gold' whereas Bruno says 'vierzehn' which, in German means 14, not 13.


Continuity mistake: When Bruno is talking to Kunal Nayyer at the beginning of the movie, Bruno asks him to talk into the camera. Kunal's hair changes from being long in the back to suddenly cut short. The most obvious part is when Kunal says "No, I don't think so". When the camera cuts to Kunal saying his line, his hair is back to being long again. (00:02:10)


Continuity mistake: In the scene where Bruno first meets his new agent, there is a cowboy hat on a hook on the office door behind Bruno. The hat changes position, 1st to a full view of the top of the hat, then in the next shot the hat is sideways on the hook. In the next scene the hat is back to its original position.

Audio problem: During the "Dove of Peace" segment, many of the notes played on the guitar by Slash are too high pitched with regard to the strings and frets he is shown to be playing.

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Other mistake: Throughout the movie, the subtitles for Bruno and Lutz translate everything from German to English. When Lutz carries Bruno on his back from the restaurant, he says "Herr Bruno", and the subtitle should say "Mr.Bruno" but says "Herr Bruno" still.


Bruno: How do you defend yourself against a man with a dildo?

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