Best drama movie audio problems of 2003

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The Room picture

Audio problem: Much of Johnny's dialog is dubbed in throughout the film, with his lips and dialog not quite matching. (This is due to actor/director Tommy Wiseau's thick accent making the original dialogue sometimes hard to understand).

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The Barbarian Invasions picture

Audio problem: When Sebastian and Nathalie first come to Nathalie's heroin dealer, we hear the rain falling, yet when Nathalie steps on the street there is no sign of rain but we can still hear it.

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Luther picture

Audio problem: During the wild boar hunt, they are interrupted by Aleander who says, "Prince Frederick of Saxony. He refuses to surrender Luther to you, Your Holiness," but nothing matches his lip movements. He utters a couple of syllables, at most, out of sync with the two full sentences heard in the movie. (English DVD version). (01:03:15)


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Open Water picture

Audio problem: When the couple is flying to their vacation destination, they are in a Turbo-Prop aircraft. The sound affect used was from a piston engined aircraft.

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The Life of David Gale picture

Audio problem: When Constance informs David that he has been put on official "sabbatical" and unofficially released (as a professor), she adds vocally that the vote was "4-2". However, her lips do not move, and the exact vote turnout sounds distorted, because it was edited later.

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Blind Horizon picture

Audio problem: When the cowboy is talking to the hotel concierge about the slim brunette girl who signed the hotel register his dialogue is hopelessly out of lip sync.

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The Sleeping Dictionary picture

Audio problem: When John confronts Selima about the baby and they've walked out of the house and down the steps, from the side of her face you can see Selima's lips moving even though there is no sound coming out.

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The Cheetah Girls picture

Audio problem: When Galleria is playing the piano by herself at school, it's obvious she really isn't playing. Her hands are moving way too slow for some of the parts and at the end, her hands are playing very low on the bass notes when the notes heard are in middle-low C range.

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S Club Seeing Double picture

Audio problem: When they are all going to bed, Alastair puts headphones on Tina's clone and she says, "Thank you" but her lips don't move.

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Cold Mountain picture

Audio problem: During the scene where Ada and her father are talking about the farm, and how they will manage come winter, Ada says : ...."But with no-one left to work this place, nothing to buy, nothing to buy it with".... her mouth only starts moving to what she is saying half way through the sentence.

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Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World picture

Audio problem: After releasing the whaler prisoners aboard Acheron, Mr. Hogg shouts, "Now do your worst!" though his mouth clearly does not say that. (01:56:25)

Super Grover Premium member

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Once Upon a Time in Mexico picture

Audio problem: At the beginning of the film when Antonio Banderas is playing the guitar on top of the building and there is a helicopter camera panning around him, he is playing something completely different to what the music does.

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Tears of the Sun picture

Audio problem: In the final shoot-out with the Nigerian rebels, Bruce Willis inserts a new magazine into his rifle. When he attempts to slap it into place, he completely misses it but we still hear the sound effect for him hitting the bottom of the magazine. (01:31:40)

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The House of the Dead picture

Audio problem: Kirk's accent changes throughout the film. Sometimes it's American, sometimes Irish, and sometimes Russian.

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Lost in Translation picture

Audio problem: When Kelly starts talking about colon flushing Charlotte gets up to join Bob at the bar. In the background Kelly continues her story, but her mouthing and gestures are not at all in line with her words. (00:37:20)


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Mona Lisa Smile picture

Audio problem: When Joanie and Tommy are eating dinner at Betty's home, there's a close-up profile shot of both Joanie and Tommy right before they kiss. Tommy says to Joanie, "Come here you," but his lips don't move.


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Holes picture

Audio problem: When Mr. Pendanski is saying, "Smells like puke from a mule." if you look carefully he is actually saying, "Smells like piss from a mule." Original dialog is in the 'Deleted Scenes' section of the DVD.

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Matchstick Men picture

Audio problem: Cage and his daughter are being chased by Bruce McGill, and Cage is waiting because the lady won't keep the change. When Cage grabs the change, he says "what, are you insane?". The words don't match his mouth movements.

Joe Campbell

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The Last Samurai picture

Audio problem: Every time a sword is drawn, be it fast or slow, there is the 'shiiink' sound that is made when a steel sword is drawn from a steel scabbard (a sound that a western sword would make), yet Japanese swords have a wooden scabbard so the draw should be silent.

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Basic picture

Audio problem: At the beginning when Nielsen says it must have been an honor to know Sgt. West, Travolta says "Well, that's one way to put it" without moving his mouth.

Joel Amos Gordon

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