Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World

Audio problem: After releasing the whaler prisoners aboard Acheron, Mr. Hogg shouts, "Now do your worst!" though his mouth clearly does not say that.


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Audio problem: While doing repairs on Surprise, Jack says, "Repair won't do here. I need those replaced," but his lips don't move when his voice says, "..replaced." Then as he says, "Ask Mr. Lamb what he has in stock," his mouth actually says something else.


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Audio problem: After the Acheron attack on the Surprise, below deck Jack, Stephen and some others discuss the situation. When Mr. Allen says, "Triple-shotted at 200 yards, and our guns had no effect," his mouth is actually saying, " 500 yards..."


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Audio problem: Jack tells Pullings that he will take the next watch. Pullings says, "Aye, sir. Mr. Mowett, Mr. Allen, calmly now. You know his orders," however he does not say the latter half of that sentence, he says something else.


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Audio problem: The last scene, when the captain and the doctor are playing music, the captain starts out with playing the violin with his fingers. Then the doctor is playing light tones with the bow on his cello. Suddenly, they switch, and the doctor is using his fingers, playing deep tones on the cello, and the captain is now playing with a bow. Finally, the first part of the music piece come back, and you hear both a violin (or some other small string instrument) played with fingers, and another violin played with a bow.

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Capt. Jack Aubrey: This is the second time he's done this to me. There will not be a third.



The position of the needle and thread lying on Peter's body differ in the wide shot and following close-up.



When Captain Aubrey makes the toast 'To wives and sweethearts - may they never meet' he is following a custom in the Royal Navy called the toast of the day. There was a special toast for every day of the week. This one in particular was usually for Saturdays. There is a minor mistake, however: tradition dictated that the proposer (in this case, the captain) would say the first part 'to wives and sweethearts', to which the most junior officer present would reply 'may they never meet'. Here is the list that seems to be most commonly followed dates from before Trafalgar, courtesy of the Canadian Navy website: Monday - our ships at sea, Tuesday - our men, Wednesday - ourselves, because no one else is likely to both, Thursday - a bloody war or a sickly season (to ensure quicker promotion), Friday - a willing foe and sea room (The two preceding seem to be of historical interest only), Saturday - wives and sweethearts - may they never meet (reply is made by the youngest officer present) Sunday - absent friends.