Best thriller movie mistakes of 2002

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American Psycho II: All American Girl picture

Continuity mistake: Rachael leaves the party with one hairdo, and arrives at Cassandra's place a few minutes later with a completely different one.

Jean G

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Long Time Dead picture

Continuity mistake: When Liam and his other two mates are inside there house, Liam looks at the projection screen and stands up to take the slide out of the machine. Between shots there is nothing in his right hand as he stands up, yet in the following shot he is holding a can of lager in his left hand. (00:03:15)


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Poolhall Junkies picture

Continuity mistake: During the final pool sequences, there's a quick glimpse of the main character's left (broken) wrist. It's normally all purple and gross looking, but in a brief shot, you can see his left hand shooting the pool cue and there is no purple swelling.


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Blood Work picture

Continuity mistake: Clint Eastwood is viewing the security camera tape from the store on his boat. As Graciela arrives carrying a paper bag, the scarf covering her sweater changes position at least twice.

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D-Tox picture

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Stallone is chasing and shooting at the killer in the factory, he bursts through a door and shoots the hanging body of the FBI/SWAT officer. In the first shot of the officer you can see his lips. The next shot of the body shows that his mouth is duct taped.

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Murder by Numbers picture

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Justin arrives home from school, Richard is on his bed wearing a black hooded top and long coat. The camera angle cuts to beside the bed, and Richard is only wearing the black hoodie (it goes just to his waist), then as he stands up he is wearing the long coat again.

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New Best Friend picture

Continuity mistake: Hadley is in the hospital and she is talking to Alicia. Later on in the scene Alicia goes home. Hadley's dad walks in and she makes him call Alicia to take back his promise. When he phones her it has only been like 2 minutes and Alicia is home from the hospital. How can this be.

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Hellraiser: Hellseeker picture Hellraiser: Hellseeker mistake picture

Continuity mistake: Bret shoots himself under the chin and a hole is blown in his forehead. Moments later when he's on the ground, for a split second, you can see his forehead completely unblemished. (01:03:00)

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Trapped picture

Factual error: When the engine is shut down in the plane, the altimeter is shown spinning down wildly, indicating that the plane is diving at a speed of over 2000 feet per second, which is approximately 1200 miles per hour. Assuming that the plane wouldn't disintegrate at that speed (which it would), judging from the altitude at which the engine was cut, it would have taken less than 3 seconds for the plane to hit the ground.

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The Truth About Charlie picture

Factual error: The train to London that everyone gets on is a French TGV. The TGV doesn't run through the Channel Tunnel, only the Eurostar trains do.

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My Little Eye picture

Revealing mistake: When Charlie is writing her letter we can see it through a hidden camera in the pen she is using. By watching the angle on how the camera would be attached to the pen we know that she would have seen the camera. Also her hand would be blocking the camera view, so we shouldn't be able to see anything at all. (00:30:30)


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The Quiet American picture

Continuity mistake: When Fowler tells Phuong that Pyle is dead she is leaning back in a chair. First her long hair is hanging down in front, then it moves to the back between shots. (00:06:50)


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Dead or Alive: Final picture

Revealing mistake: When the two main characters explode and then implode near the end, you can see that some of the debris being sucked in are passing "through" various other objects, revealing they are computer generated.

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Collateral Damage picture

Continuity mistake: During the film's climax, in which the Wolf's wife Serena is on the run, CIA agent Peter Brandt tries to ambush her in an elevator. As he runs up to the elevator, we get a wide shot of him, the people waiting for the elevator, and the up/down indicator lights of the elevator. The down indicator is lit. (The shot pans down from the indicator lights as he runs up.) Cut to Elias briefly, then back to the elevator indicators. This time, neither light is on.

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The Hard Word picture

Continuity mistake: On the way to the big robbery, Tarzan shoots a hole in the roof of the car with a shotgun. In the next shot we see the car from above and the roof is intact.

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Derailed picture

Factual error: At the very start of the film the words "Vienna, Austria," appear on a black screen that then fades to a city skyline. The fault is that the city shown is Florence, Italy. Very obvious due to the Duomo, (Cathedral), the tower above the Uffizi Gallery and the Ponte Vecchio, (bridge).

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Below picture

Deliberate mistake: As the sub rises backwards to the surface, the stern emerges from the water at a steep angle, then rises near-vertically so that the boat is virtually standing on the tip of its bow. Anything left loose on a countertop would surely fall off. But when the boat falls onto its belly, a close-up shows a pistol sliding off a sink counter into the hand of the Captain- because it's dramatic and cool looking, yet extremely improbable- especially considering that an open tin of shaving foam, its lid and a foam brush all lay on the same counter, undisturbed. (01:27:30)


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The Mothman Prophecies picture

Revealing mistake: When John goes to close Gordon's eyes, as he lowers his hand, you can see him close his eyes on his own.

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R.S.V.P. picture

Continuity mistake: In the scene, at the end, where the girl is running away from the killer, You can see that she is wearing high heels. But when she's climbing the ladder, you can see she is wearing trainers, then high heels again when she's off the ladder.

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