Collateral Damage

Continuity mistake: During the film's climax, in which the Wolf's wife Serena is on the run, CIA agent Peter Brandt tries to ambush her in an elevator. As he runs up to the elevator, we get a wide shot of him, the people waiting for the elevator, and the up/down indicator lights of the elevator. The down indicator is lit. (The shot pans down from the indicator lights as he runs up.) Cut to Elias briefly, then back to the elevator indicators. This time, neither light is on.

Continuity mistake: When Gordy kills The Wolf, The Wolf falls on the floor and has his back supported up against a box before he collapses onto his side. In the next couple of shots of The Wolf, you can see that the box is gone.


Continuity mistake: In the scene in the terrorists sympathizers' office, Arnold has a baseball bat and is attacking the man in charge. The FBI break in and shoot Arnold with a Tazer; he drops the bat, but it is right back in his hand in the next shot as if he never dropped it.

Continuity mistake: After Arnie speaks to the motorcyclist cop, you see the governor's cars in the distance pull in and park. In the next shot, the cars pull in and park again.

Continuity mistake: When Selina and Wolf leave on the motorbike to get away from Gordy, you can see a tyre mark is left on the floor, but when the camera changes shot to show Gordy entering the corridor, the tyre track has gone.


Continuity mistake: When Selina kills the female FBI agent in the bathroom, the camera looks down at the dead agent from Selina's POV and the agents head is tilted to the side. When Selina moves off, you can see in the background the agents head is now facing up.


Continuity mistake: The caliper on the disc brake of the Harley trike used by the Wolf in the early scenes is forward of the front end leg, after the explosion, the front end shown has the caliper behind the leg.

Roy Blankenship

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