Collateral Damage

Other mistake: When Arnold throws The Wolf's wife into the electrical gate equipment and she is killed, they begin to fight. The Wolf beats Arnold repeatedly then takes out his Motorola cell phone to place a call to set off another bomb. When he pulls the phone from his pocket there is no signal (indicated by red light on phone). A few minutes later Arnold leans over, picks up the phone, and sees that all The Wolf had to do was press the phone button to send the call. So, do you suppose he saw that there were no signal bars on the display, like we did? (01:41:49)

Other mistake: The fireball that consumes the corridor with Selina and Wolf was incredibly sizeable, sizeable enough that it destroys the motorbike, but Selina's long hair doesn't even get singed.


Other mistake: When Gordie is running after the terrorists on the motorcycle he shuts down the gates, not allowing them to leave. It shows all of the gates closing and the terrorists going under a closing one. How could the terrorists get back to Gordie if all of the gates are closed and he doesn't open them?

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