Collateral Damage

Corrected entry: In the attack by the US on the guerilla camp, the helicopters used are Bell UH1D's configured as gunships. This means they carry up to two miniguns, and two 2.75in FFAR (folding fin aerial rocket) pods. However as the helicopters approach the camp they are not there at all. And when they fire on the camp, the FFAR's bend in flight. Now the FFAR is not the most accurate rocket in the world but it does not blatantly bend off course and it CAN NOT lock onto a target; it is a rocket not a missile; in general it stays exactly in a straight line apart from dipping a little. Also when the miniguns fire along towards the camera slightly later a man can be seen 'dying' falling over when there is no chance he can be injured at all; unless perhaps he has dirt in his eye from the dust pockets thrown up by the bullets.

Correction: Only ONE of the Hueys is configured as a gunship with the rocket and gun pods. You can definitely see this as they are flying in. So, when you see one without the pods on it, it is the one that never was configured as a gunship. There's no mistake here. The part about the rockets dimping and turning is correct. These are just rockets and when fired the go straight ahead.

Corrected entry: When Gordy brings the woman and her son to the US to be debriefed, they are ushered into a CIA field office, past tons of security, i.e., checkpoints, roving guards, etc. presumably because the equipment or files in the debriefing area are sensitive or classified. Notice all the big windows in the ceiling? No security minded person in the WORLD would have a secured debriefing area where anyone with a helicopter and a Nikon could simply hover outside and take whatever photos of your stuff inside they wanted.

Correction: The angles of the windows were set that light could get in, and no clear photos could be taken.

Corrected entry: I find it very strange that after Arnie's wife and child are murdered, he doesn't receive any real support from anyone. Not a friend, not a family member, nothing from the wife's family (who might be just a little upset at losing someone close) basically nothing. Unless this was the most hated family in the country, I simply find it hard to believe.

Gavin Jackson

Correction: Gordy may have recieved phone calls from other family members, or even visits, but just wasn't interested. He probably turned them away, as he wanted to be on his own. As for his trip to Columbia, he most likely kept it to himself as much as he could.

Corrected entry: As we see Gordie using his belt to slide down the lift wires, we see that they are tightly wrapped round his hands to protect them, when he gets close to the lift we see him lose his grip and fall. His belt is nowhere to be seen. They should still be wrapped round his hands.


Correction: You can see and hear that the belt falls down the shaft when he falls.

Other mistake: When Arnold throws The Wolf's wife into the electrical gate equipment and she is killed, they begin to fight. The Wolf beats Arnold repeatedly then takes out his Motorola cell phone to place a call to set off another bomb. When he pulls the phone from his pocket there is no signal (indicated by red light on phone). A few minutes later Arnold leans over, picks up the phone, and sees that all The Wolf had to do was press the phone button to send the call. So, do you suppose he saw that there were no signal bars on the display, like we did? (01:41:49)

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Gordon Brewer: Hey, sell me your pass so I can work the zone.
Armstrong: Would you stick a sock in it "Jolly Green"? I'm just a wrench for hire.

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Trivia: In the scene after the Policia Nacional capture Brewer, a police vehicle goes by, the man in the back on the left has his face digitized out.

Roy Blankenship

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