Blood Work

Continuity mistake: Clint Eastwood is viewing the security camera tape from the store on his boat. As Graciela arrives carrying a paper bag, the scarf covering her sweater changes position at least twice.

Continuity mistake: McCaleb sees the suspect parked across the street in a car, he then takes the shotgun from the trunk of his car. Detective Winston then exits the car and is seen at the rear of the car saying "You're killing me here, what's going on?". McCaleb then shoots up the suspects car. At the end of the scene Detective Winston is then seen getting out of the car for a second time, despite the fact that she has already got out of it once already. (01:14:00 - 01:15:20)

Mr Manchester

Continuity mistake: When Terry is back outside at the store he glances across the street and sees the same car. Notice the angle of the tires, they are turned. In the next shot the tyres are straight. The car has not even moved yet. (01:14:19)

Continuity mistake: In one of the final scenes, Eastwood's boat is shown underway in perfect condition after De Jesus rams its bow into the grounded freighter.

Continuity mistake: When Eastwood and De Jesus are walking near the water, De Jesus remarks "What a great sunset" with the sun right on the horizon, then a shot of her nephew with a shadow far too short to be anywhere near sunset.

Continuity mistake: During the film McCaleb asks Buddy if a cheque is okay. Buddy replies yes, but to endorse it as Jasper Noone, his real name. When McCaleb later hands over the cheque, it is written out to Buddy Noone.

Mr Manchester

Revealing mistake: When Clint Eastwood and detective Jay Winston are talking in her office she walks over to the blinds and touches the plastic piece that closes them but nothing happens, they stay the way they were. She does this twice. (00:25:46)


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Buddy Noone: This goes on any longer, I want a raise.
Terry McCaleb: How 'bout Workman's Comp?

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Chosen answer: When looking for clues to the identity of the killer, he comes across a code with the numbers, 903 472 568. He quickly realizes that Noone is the killer because in the code there is "No one".

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