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Blood Work (2002)

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Corrected entry: When Eastwood goes into the police station, the officer at the front desk tells him the men he's looking for are in the first door on the right. The next shot is of him walking into the room, only he's walking into a room on his left.


Correction: Eastwood is told it's the first door on his right. In the next scene, the first doorway Eastwood walks through actually is on his right.

Corrected entry: When Clint Eastwood and Wanda De Jesus are walking along the harbor you see a large ship docked across the harbor. Three times during their walk, they are shown walking from the front towards the back of the ship in the background. It's one walk, one conversation but they seem to keep backing up and starting their walk over and over.

Correction: In the first scene where the ship is seen, they walk past the camera, and the camera pans to show them walking away. In the next and following scenes with the boat, the camera is moving along with them as they walk. The perspective of that rather large ship in the background is correct. That ship is quite long, but the distance that they walk is not.

Corrected entry: McCaleb asks Noone to babysit the murder victim's son while he goes to the convenience store where the murder occured. Noone is outside the store and gets involved in a shootout with McCaleb while he is supposedly babysitting.

Correction: As soon as McCaleb returns to his boat, the victim's son mentions that Noone and the boy caught so many fish that Noone had to leave to buy more bait.

Corrected entry: In one scene McCaleb goes to the ATM machine, spots a security camera and finds a bearded man standing right behind him. Once he figures out that the bearded man was in fact the killer, why didn't McCaleb go to the bank and check the security tape that must have been filming the whole sequence (in search for clues etc)?

Correction: The incident occurred days, if not a week or two, before McCaleb figured out it was him. A security tape would not have been kept for that long if nothing out of the ordinary happened or was reported.


Revealing mistake: When Clint Eastwood and detective Jay Winston are talking in her office she walks over to the blinds and touches the plastic piece that closes them but nothing happens, they stay the way they were. She does this twice. (00:25:46)


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Detective Arango: Hey McCaleb! We don't need your doughnuts... or your shit! We've got enough of our own.

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Chosen answer: When looking for clues to the identity of the killer, he comes across a code with the numbers, 903 472 568. He quickly realizes that Noone is the killer because in the code there is "No one".

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