Blood Work

Blood Work (2002)

Ending / spoiler

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Buddy is the Code Killer and the one who killed Graciella's sister and the guy at the ATM machine. Those victims were part of his plan for Terry McCaleb to get the heart transplant (since the two victims were the same blood type as McCaleb). When McCaleb figures out that Buddy is the killer, Buddy tells McCaleb that Graciella and her son are hidden somewhere. McCaleb shoots Buddy and forces him to tell where the woman and son are being held. They go to an abandoned boat. On board, McCaleb and Buddy trade some words, chase one another in a storm of bullets. McCaleb finds Graciella and her son. They board McCaleb's boat. McCaleb kills Buddy.

Jasper Noone

Revealing mistake: When Clint Eastwood and detective Jay Winston are talking in her office she walks over to the blinds and touches the plastic piece that closes them but nothing happens, they stay the way they were. She does this twice. (00:25:46)

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Detective Arango: This is a run-of-the-mill ordinary convenience store robbery. It's an idiot with a gun and a mask, with the right ratio of balls to brains, pulled the trigger. That's all this is.

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Trivia: Clint Eastwood's real life wife has a cameo as a newscaster.

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Question: I missed something. What was it that Clint Eastwood noticed that made him realize his friend was the killer?


Chosen answer: When looking for clues to the identity of the killer, he comes across a code with the numbers, 903 472 568. He quickly realizes that Noone is the killer because in the code there is "No one".

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