Continuity mistake: In the scene, at the end, where the girl is running away from the killer, You can see that she is wearing high heels. But when she's climbing the ladder, you can see she is wearing trainers, then high heels again when she's off the ladder.

Continuity mistake: While at the party, Cricket and her bandmates do an informal performance for the other guests. Cricket is sitting in front of the fireplace. In the first shot after the song, Cricket takes her hair down and shakes it out. In the next shot of her, her hair is back up. And in the next shot of her it's back down again.

Trivia: When Jimmy & Jordan are talking about their plans for their last night together, Jimmy says that he and Nick are having cocktails with their psych. prof. and that Jordan could come too. She says no and "call me later and if not I guess I'll just meet you at the party." This is what we hear, but what her mouth really said was, "Just call me later and I'll see if I can get reservations at [unclear restaurant name]. What she really said can be found in the deleted scenes. (00:05:40)

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