Death to Smoochy

Continuity mistake: During the ice show Smoochy gets crowned by the fairy who flies in from above. Right before he sits down at the desk to read the "Smoochy Hits #1" issue of Variety, the crown falls off and rolls away across the ice. When he's sitting at the desk, the crown is back. (01:32:51)

Continuity mistake: When Randolph is bombarded by reporters after framing Sheldon, someone throws an egg and his head is all slimed after the egg breaks. However, in a few quick shots after the egg hits him, the amount of egg on his forehead changes shot to shot from quite a bit to very little, and then when he finally gets in the car, there is no trace of egg on his head.

Visible crew/equipment: In the ice skating scene at the end of the movie, Shelton and others are saying good bye to Smoochy. Buggy fires, and the camera goes to Shelton falling to the ground. If you look at Shelton's head, you can see the special effects tub that shoots air (or something) out, to give the impression a bullet has just gone into Shelton's suit.

Continuity mistake: When Randolph visits Angie in his apartment, Angie turns from the stove to answer the door and walks past a chair pushed in at the table. When Randolph pushes Angie to the floor, you see the chair is away from the table. (00:32:40)

Revealing mistake: When Tommy and her boys are roughing up Randolph in Angie's apartment, Tommy throws Randolph across the room into the piano. The vase sitting on top of the piano falls before Randolph ever touches the piano. Seen better in slow-mo. (00:57:20)

Factual error: At the end of the movie, when Burke faces Sheldon, he tells him "one of the secrets about owning a gun: You have to cock it." But since Sheldon's weapon was a double-action revolver he doesn't have to cock it. He could just pull the trigger.

Continuity mistake: In the Time Square scene, after Nora locks Sheldon out of the boardroom, Nora's scarf is left over right, when she turns to talk to Sheldon it's right over left. When she turns to walk away it's right in the middle. (00:17:25)

Plot hole: It's a good thing Sheldon didn't listen to Nora and change the cookie song, because if he had all the kids would still be singing Sheldon's cookie song (since they don't know about the change) thereby ruining the show without Rainbow Randolph's interference.

Factual error: When Randall is covered in gasoline, he would have been immediately immolated as he struck the match, as the fumes from the puddle of gas around him would have ignited.

Continuity mistake: When Sheldon and Burke are in the boardroom with Frank and Nora, Sheldon spits water out on the table after Burke makes a remark. The shot changes to Burke and then back to Sheldon and the water is gone. Shot changes again and the water is back on the table in front of Sheldon.

Continuity mistake: When Sheldon meets up with Nora in the diner, after she sees him singing the "Smako Song", he grabs her hand at the end of the scene and smiles, baring his teeth. But in the next shot come, his lips are over his teeth, no teeth showing.

Continuity mistake: When Sheldon (Edward Norton) has become the producer of the show, he receives gifts that are on his office desk (like a patch of wheat grass). Then when the Irish mob reveal themselves it remains on his desk, but after the men approach Sheldon the patch of grass is off to the side on the window sill, where it remains for the rest of the scene.

Factual error: Smoochy gets tricked into performing at a Nazi rally in New Jersey but the police bullhorn says NYPD and his mugshot is also NYPD.

Continuity mistake: In the heroin addicts' meeting, the guy sitting to the left of Sheldon is awake and moving around in his chair while Sheldon plays. In the next shot, the camera is right in front of the man and he is asleep.

Continuity mistake: In the end credits, Smoochy and Randolph are dancing on the ice and leap to the top of Randolph's giant rainbow. In one of the cuts, it shows the giant rainbow in the distance while they are still standing on it.

Randolph: What about Wally the Whale?
Sheldon: Laura, how could you do it with Wally the Whale?
Randolph: There she blows.
Sheldon: I don't believe this is happening. I can't believe you didn't tell me about this.
Nora: Listen, Sheldon, I'm not proud of it but, there was a time in my life when I was a bit of a kiddie host groupie.

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