Long Time Dead

Long Time Dead (2002)

15 mistakes

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Continuity mistake: At the end of the film when Rob/Djinn kills Becker with a plank or piece of wood, there is blood on his cheek, then in all other shots the blood has vanished.



Continuity mistake: When we see all the group sitting in the house talking about the ouija board, Rob is talking to Stella saying "calm down Stella, think about what you're saying". Rob's hands are together, then when he says this to Stella, he is suddenly pointing his whole hand at her, then in the following shot his hands are together again.



Continuity mistake: When Annie goes back for her inhaler and sits down where they summoned the Djinn, you can see the letters are scattered all over the top instead of being in a circle, as they were left in the previous scene.



Continuity mistake: At the beginning, when everyone is inside the club, Liam and his girlfriend enter the seated area, and she puts her hands on the seat when she sits down, yet, in the following close up both her hands are on the side of the seat.



Continuity mistake: When Liam and his other two mates are inside there house, Liam looks at the projection screen and stands up to take the slide out of the machine. Between shots there is nothing in his right hand as he stands up, yet in the following shot he is holding a can of lager in his left hand. (Use slow motion if necessary.)



Continuity mistake: At the beginning when Annie gets killed, she tries to climb up the window and grabs a hold of the bar at the top, when the Djinn is on the roof and looks up at Annie, her hands/arms are at a different position on the bar from the previous and following shots.



Continuity mistake: At the end when Liam is holding a lantern in his hand, he turns to walk up to the elevator still holding the lantern, he does not put it down, and then looks in the elevator's window. When Lucy drops down from a rope, the lantern is about 3 or 4 feet away from the elevator.



Continuity mistake: Close to the end, when Rob kills Spencer, Spencer is thrown or pushed through a wooden door and parts of the door break. In the following scene, the door is completely intact.



Continuity mistake: Just after Annie has been killed, Lucy is in her barge looking through a book about the Djinn, and in a shot of the book there is a picture with a man crouched in a corner and a firey hand over him. When we see the book in an overhead shot, just before it cuts away, neither the picture nor the headline is anywhere on that page, and she did not flip the pages over.



Continuity mistake: Near the beginning when the group of mates are sitting round a pane of glass ready to do the Ouija board, as the camera first pans round the friends, if you look closely you can see that Liam has his arms on the top of the pane of glass, but when the shot cuts to the camera they setup, his arms or hands are on his legs.



Continuity mistake: During the Ouija board scene the glass smashes. During the scenes that follow the glass is visible on the table in the background, completely whole.

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Continuity mistake: How did Rob get out of the toilets after killing Stella? The girl two cubicles down would have seen him.

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Revealing mistake: When Webster is hiding under Becker's bed and Rob/The Djinn drops Joe's body on the floor, look at his neck. You can see he still has a pulse.



Revealing mistake: We are shown that Liam's camcorder has a red light on when recording. When we see the group writing out the letters, the light is off but we are shown it recording.


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Continuity mistake: Just as Liam smashes the lamp, you can see it's not lit, when a second before it was.


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