Trapped (2002)

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Factual error: When the engine is shut down in the plane, the altimeter is shown spinning down wildly, indicating that the plane is diving at a speed of over 2000 feet per second, which is approximately 1200 miles per hour. Assuming that the plane wouldn't disintegrate at that speed (which it would), judging from the altitude at which the engine was cut, it would have taken less than 3 seconds for the plane to hit the ground.


Continuity mistake: At the beginning of the movie when the family drives to the lake to send Dad off on the plane the SUV has no tinted rear windows. When Dad finally flies off and you see the family pulling up to the house, you see that the SUV now has the factory tinted rear windows.

Plot hole: In the final scene of the movie, right after the big car pileup, it appears that everybody but the main characters disappear. Wouldn't you think that with such a major car pileup, there would be at least a few people outside their car wondering what was going on?

Continuity mistake: When Charlize Theron is in the car with Kevin Bacon taking the medicine to her daughter, she is blindfolded with a tie. The thick part of the tie is over her right eye, but halfway through the scene it suddenly swaps round so that the thick part is over her left eye.

Continuity mistake: When Townsend and Love are flying, and Bacon says "You will not see your daughter again," Love is screaming at Townsend to pull up the plane. When he does, the 'head phones' on his head disappear and then reappear.

Factual error: When the engine is shut down in the plane, it starts to nose dive to the ground. The problem is when the engine is cut in a plane it doesn't drop like a rock out of the sky - they can still fly and, more importantly, they can still land.

Revealing mistake: When Kevin Bacon is talking to Courtney Love on their cell phone and he hangs up on her, a dial tone can be heard on Courtney Love's phone.

Factual error: When the daughter is having an asthma attack in the cabin, the kidnapper is making instant coffee so the caffeine will counter her attack. But he uses a single serving orange packet - Sanka brand. Sanka is decaffeinated coffee and would not help in this situation.

Abby: Will you wiggle your wings after you takeoff?
Will: Better watch and see.

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